Georgia’s song “Waterfall” will gain this year Eurovision 2013

Sophie & Nodi

I present you the song that will be soon the winner of Eurovision Song Contest next May 18 in Malmö (Sweden).

I am not a fortune-teller but I have a certain experience in music and concretely in good music. Georgia has trusted in a song of the famous Swedish composer Thomas G:Son. The wonderful creation of this authentic magician of the music and unitedly with the powerful voices of Sophie Gelovani and Nodi Tatishvili, they have realized an emotive and brilliant song “Waterfall” that transmits a wonderful sensation of pleasure and well-being to the listener. A powerful and colossal perfect ballad for these magnificent singers.

Still I have not heard all the songs of the festival but already I have sufficiently… like last year Loreen’s song was impossible to overcome… this year Thomas G:Son’s genius returns with these incredible voices.

Georgia has to overcome the semi-final of the 16th… but this only will serve in order that the public knows furthermore the song by the final.

It would be the second consecutive year that the same composer obtains the award in the festival. Absolute record! Georgia already can be prepared… the next year the organization of the festival is for you!.


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