AppleCherry Punch

Really I remained very surprised when I found out that my Estonian drummer women preferred had been joined to form a percussion duo called AppleCherry Punch.

Hele-Riin Uib (1981) already is a percusisonist very known in her country and as freelance she has acted in bands like Blacky, Laura, 2 Quick start or Koit Toome principally. In fact I started investigating her professional career with Laura’s performs in the Eurolaul 2007… I started wondering the one who was the percussionist that was accompanying Laura and Sven? Then I realized that she was the same that Blacky’s drummer I had not known her… with this long hair to the style hard rock…. and it is that Hele-Riin adapts to every role that it has to do, is a woman prepared for everything!.

In addition if you read her curriculum in her web page it is impressive: from a Master’s degree in classical percussion instruments in Estonian Music and Theatre Academy until another formation in Finland, Japan… pop, jazz, rock… it is wonderful!

To Helena Victoria Kirss I knew her later. I her saw for the first time in Tanja Mihhailova’s performance at the Eurolugu alternative contest that was done to the Eesti laul 2010. With the song “Falling star” automatically I concentrated my look on the drummer girl. An unusual style and innate domain of the battery. Undoubtedly it was a song hit that had represented very well Estonia in Eurovision.

She also takes the whole life as percussionist: her father was a drummer and at 18 she won the “Best Drummer award” at a national contest “Youth Band 2003” as well as an award for Best Youth Band (Tormented). Besides Tanja, Helena also is habitual drummer of bands as Rolf Junior or Sofia Rubina. The percussionist duo perfect!

For only one year the perfect duo acts in different clubs of Estonia creating an original spectacle of sensations, rythms, good music and because not to say it… of beauty!

In addition in April of this year 2012 they have edited a single together with the singer Merlyn Uusküla called “See öö”. It has been a good idea to join to Merlyn’s powerful voice the percussion game of the band. Surely for Merlyn also it will have been a different experience.

This brief review surely will be extended shortly… I wish a lot of luck you in this original and visual your spectacle!.


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