Birgit Õigemeel

Birgit Õigemeel (1988) is an Estonian pop singer and nowadays one of her singers more famous. Birgit has one of the nicest voices of Estonia and she has a lot of energy, sharm and vitality that does that the public of her country wants her very much.
She was the first winner of the Estonia televison show “Eesti otsib superstaar” in 2007 based on the popular British show “Pop idol”. Birgit won a recording contract and 100.000 kroons. She won the final to Luisa Vark, singer nowadays very known in Estonia too. Birgit used the money dedicated for the recording contract on building her own recording company MTH Publishing.
Also in the year 2007 at the Italian culture festival “L’Olivo d’Oro”-Golden Olive- Birgit was the first non-Italian to receive the “golden olive branch” award.  From then Birgit’s reputation has been ascending. In 2008 she appeared in the Eurolaul to represent Estonia in Eurovision with the song “365 days” -staying in the third place-, soft song in that one saw the force of her voice.

Your career is successful with the edition of 2 albums in one only year. Your first disc takes her own name “Birgit Õigemeel” and besides “365 days” that was sung in the Eurolaul takes other 10 nice songs. Also we emphasize “Ise” melodic song with a potent guitar of fund. This album a finalist in the Estonian award of new talents in 2009 behind the band HU?.

Before finishing the year 2008 Birgit released a new album, moving away from the pop and creating a more romantic music. In “Ilus aeg” the romantic atmosphere is permanent accompanied often by piano and versions in Estonian of known songs. Also they are included in the album some typical songs of Christmas. 

It seems to be that Birgit’s next single will be “Moondujad”. With this song Birgit turns the authentic pop. The success of this single continued him in September with “See öö” and the November appeared its third one album “Teineteisel pool” of the same style pop years eighty. This album is had very much successful in Estonia and meritoriously Birgit won the award “Female Artist of the Year 2010” for this album and came finalist in other three awards. Birgit remained first in front of other two Estonian big artists like Ines and Laura. It is a just prize for a fulminating career of successes!.

Birgit’s last songs are: “Põgenen” with Koit Toome (2010) with this good song she tried to go to the Eesti laul 2009 without success, “Iialgi” with Violina (2010), “Eestimaa suvi” (2010), “Parem on ees” (2011) and “You’re not alone” with Violina (2011). I want to emphasize that at the end of 2010 Birgit unitedly to Birgit Varjun has realized a song rock of very much style and so force called “Sinuga end elusana beating võin”. An interesting very interesting change!.

Birgit occupies often numerous front pages of magazines in Estonia and appears in TV shows. Her music, her beauty and her passion for the mode makes her propitious to being interviewed in different types of magazines.

At the end of 2011 she took part in the show “Laulupealinn” artists’ competition of different cities of Estonia. She and her city “Kohila” stayed in third position. Birgit is in the highest moment of her career and she is very known in Estonia… probably she would be the artist with major international projection of the moment

After knowing the list of songs qualified for the Eesti laul 2012 of this year we had good news. The song “You’re not alone” sung by Birgit and Violina and written and composed for the specialist Mihkel Mattisen it was between the selected ones. The following days up to the celebration of the show were very interesting and the worry and edginess was maximum. Birgit’s international projection could be immediate. Nevertheless, though she qualified in the first semi-final, in the final the song stayed in the seventh position. The truth is that as I already said in the page of the contest of this channel there are things that I cannot understand. This song for my was the best of the final and nevertheless it stays in a disappointing position.

I hope that this has not influenced in Birgit’s morality… a news like that can finish with the spirits of anyone!. But she is strong and it will recover and shortly Birgit will offer us new and nice songs. Good luck!

Look the interview in exclusive to Birgit Õigemeel for Pep1000 channel

Last news March 2013: This last Saturday March, 2 celebrated the “Eesti laul 2013” the Estonian final for Eurovision and the song sung by Birgit Õigemeel called “Et uus saaks alguse” it gained the contest.

After two semi-finals, Birgit’s song (produced by Mihkel Mattisen and Silvia Soro) was in the final of 10 songs. After the juror and the spectators issued the votes, Birgit’s romantic ballad imposed on Grete Paia’s song “Päästke noored hinged” (producer by Sven Lõhmus) the last two songs finalists.

Congratulations Birgit! This has been a well-deserved prize to a great effort realized during these years!.


  “Birgit Õigemeel”

“Ilus aeg”

“Teineteisel pool”


“365 days” Live in Eurolaul 2008

“Moonduja”  Live in Aastavahetus Kanal 2-ega 12/31/2009



Birgit Õigemeel “Talve Võlumaa” Live in Tähed Muusikas 12/05/2009

“Pogenen” Live in Eurolugu 2010

“Sellest saab meie suvi”

“Valged jõulud”

Laulupealinn 2011: Birgit Õigemeel Marek Jürgenson & tantsuklubi Twist – Moves Like Jagger

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