Interview to Birgit Õigemeel

Birgit Õigemeel: “if you are really good singer and you want to offer something special to the world, then your origin doesn’t count”

June 18, 2012. Birgit Õigemeel has the amiability to grant a small interview for all the friends of Pep1000 channel. Thanks Birgit!!

Pep1000: What do you think that someone who lives to 3.000 km from Estonia should be precisely the administrator of a channel of spreading of the Estonian music in english?

Birgit: I was suprised, but of course very happy and grateful, i’m glad that people from other country are interesting about my music.

Pep1000: Internet has made possible that great people know your work from the whole world… but many people say to me that they have problems to buy music of Estonian singers from out of Estonia. For example in “Beatnet” or “lasering” it is not possible to pay from the foreigner if you do not have Estonian credit card; in the Estonian Ebay “” you cannot register if you do not live in Estonia… There were not prepared the Estonian stores for this revolution?

Birgit: I know it’s a problem, but i hope someone is working on that and some day its’ going to be easier, you have to talk about that someone smarter 😉

Pep1000: Does it change very much the life of a young girl who gains a contest as “Eesti otsib superstaar” in 2007?

Birgit: Yes, of course, after winning the competition i  can do what i love-to sing. I have been given hundreds of concerts in different places of Estonia and had an opportunity to work with different wonderful producers and singers.

Pep1000: Is it difficult for an Estonian artist to be famous in the world of the music? Do you believe that if your you had born in another country it would be much easier?

Birgit: I think that its difficult, because Estonia is so small country, but I want to believe that, if you are really good singer and you want to offer something special to the world, then your origin doesn’t count. Everything is possible 🙂

Pep1000: From the first album or the traditional songs of “Ilus aeg” up to the pop of the style of the eighties in “Teineteisel pool” we have seen a deep change in your musical style. It wants to say that you like all kinds of music or not still you do not want that the public know you for an unique musical style…

Birgit: I just love to sing in different kind of styles 🙂

Pep1000: When I hear your nice voice… sometimes almost I manage to get excited. For example in the songs “Homme” or “Ise”… and this it is said to you for a person that cannot understand the estonian. How can you express the feelings with this force?

Birgit: Thank you! But I don’t know… my first album songs had that deep of the lyrics and beautiful melodies, and i just love to sing these songs, maybe this is the reason..

Pep1000: If you look my channel you see this is dedicated fundamentally to the Estonian music but principally for artists who use style pop/electronic. But your, Maarja-Liis Ilus and Ines you are the modals of the Estonian music, the best voices and soloists of your country and you had to be necessarily. I believe that you have caught the relief to that Maarja-Liis did her moment. Do you think that you will be the modal of new Estonian artists?

Birgit: I hope so… maybe.. 🙂

Pep1000: From outside Estonia we do not understand it very much… only we see that you have reputation and desire great awards… Why you leave MTH in full reputation and continue your career in “Enjoy”? When will we have the first album CD with them?

Birgit: I’m working on my new songs and thinking about doing a new album, but right know iĺl take it slow and  let’s see what happens.

Pep1000: In this new album will you incorporate some song in English? Will you incorporate some video clip in some song? Already you know that the video clips are very important for the marketing of a song… an image costs more than thousand words!

Birgit: I don’t know yet, actually my last single was in English, but in Estonian market it’s easier to do Estonian songs, because people love here their own national songs more than English ones, of course there are exceptions, but i like to sing in Estonian.

Pep1000:  Covers of magazines, shows of television “Laulupealinn”…, concerts, musicals (The sound of music…) duos with other artists, sporadic interventions in “Swingers”… You are in the highest moment in your career! Do you can with everything? What do you believe that lacking you for doing?

Birgit: I know that at this point of my life I am happy and let’s see what happens in future!

Pep1000: Finally I would like you to say something to someone who does not know you still and wants to know your work. Thanks for your words and your time!. We hope new songs with great interest!

Birgit: I’m really glad that someone from other country is interesting in me. Thank you very much again! But actually I’m a simple girl from very quite and small country, I love to sing beautiful songs from my heart and share that feeling with people of the world, if you like to listen my song or just get in touch, visit my facebook page

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