Black Velvet

Black Velvet is an Estonian pop band with a good reputation in your country. Your career comes from the year 1995. Lauri Liiv (1977) is the singer of the band.

The composer of the music and of the lyrics of songs could not be other one that Sven Lõhmus, very famous producer in other bands of Estonia that has produced many lyrics of songs for other artists, but that with Black Velvet also intervenes in the band, he forms a part of the band unitedly with your brother Sulev Lõhmus.

The single “17” of 1997 was a legend in Estonia. Your first single in 1996 was “Nagu samet ja siid”, then was still “17”, “Jennifer” and “Öö silmad”. The album that was integrating all singles these went out in 1998 and it was calling as the band “Black Velvet”.

Another singles they were: 1998 “Mängi mulle Mozartit”, 1999 “Soolo”, 1999 “Kingitus”, 1.999 “Tähesõjad”,1.999 “King Kong Ameerikas” and after a few years without acting in the 2.007 “Velveteen”. In the year 1999 Lauri  took part in the Eurolaul with Sven Lõhmus’s song “Soolo” not being able to win the contest and staying in 5 place. The song is very nice, few electronic and very perfected, with interesting choirs and the brothers Lõhmus touching the guitar.

After a period of rest, the band returns in the year 2007 with an album called compilation “Greatest hits” that includes the new single of catchy rhythm call “Velveteen” and and new songs of modern rhythms as “Utoopia”.

The melody of “Utoopia” is very original, with robotic touches that Sven Lõhmus already us has accustomed to hearing in other songs. A song pop with electronic punctuations that immediately it affects the listener. “Velveteen” other one is a new great song of the album and attractive very rapid for the listener. This one is Sven’s wisdom that always can attract like the public with his melodies. If in addition we combine his geniuses with Lauri’s original and deep voice an impeccable mixture originates!.

At present Lauri alternate the role of singer with that of artist in numerous musicals, shows, festivals in Estonia.  It emphasizes in “Kiss of the spiderwoman” next to Tanja Mihhailova. 

We do not know with certainty if the band continues at present, but yes his components in different bands or in solitary.  A lot of luck for all and I hope that you offer us new and big songs!.


“Greatest hits”


Lauri Liiv “Soolo” Eurolaul 1999 




Laura, Black Velvet, Mari-Leen (Live Eesti Muusikaauhinnad 2008)

Lauri Liiv and Mariann Saar “When I fall in love” live in Haara Mikker

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