The diverse musical styles of “Blacky” and your leader Lea Liitmaa (1974) along your musical career it is possible to see perfectly in her DVD compilation “X” on that I will comment later on. Lea is a great artist and has had the aptitude to be able to choose big musicians from her beginnings that will accompany her in all her professional career.

Less Lea the components of the band it has gone being modified with the years. They became famous after taking part in a Nordic festival for young artists in Iceland in 1999. Your first album was in the year 2000 and was called “Blacky”.

Of the first period 1999-2001 we emphasize the superhit “Ara piina mind” a nice soft ballad of very much success in Estonia. In 2001 the band suffers a deep modification. The incorporation of Reilika, Triin, Angela and Hele-Riin they turn “Blacky” into a band entirely feminine. This hardest moment of rock of the band. Hele-Riin Uib will take charge of the drums. This girl has an incredible force!. In a future when she leaves “Blacky” we will see her also with Laura Poldvere and Sunday Mood.

They continued him in 2003 “Kui me päikeseloojangut ootama peaks” -If we for the sunset should wait-. This one album it includes the ballad rock “…Ja poleb maa” that in addition there was a simple but interesting video clip of the song in the style of the big bands of rock.

In 2006 the band returns to be modified and of the previous alone period Angela Aak remains the popular guitarist. Appear he album “See on me meeltele” -This is for our minds- Of not so hard rock but with very good songs, of sharp refrain and a powerful choir as “Me Voidame!!!” or “Aeg ei oota” of an interesting melody of piano. In my opinion this album is the best of all. Though the rock already is not so hard as the previous album, it has very interesting melodies and involved songs of a musical total atmosphere.

One sees clearly already very soft songs to the style jazz and that little by little Lea is leaving her powerful style of hard rock to go on to very different songs “Ingel” or “Aasta viimane päev” that will be your next album in solitary “Armastus”.

Lea Liitmaa to part of writing the majority of Blacky’s songs besides composer she touches the piano and the guitar. There is some more complete artist?.

She won numerous awards in her life  (Golden disc in 2004…) and she tooks part without luck in the Eurolaul 2002 with the song “What if I fell” obtaining unjustlythe penultimate place.

In January, 2010 a DVD+CD compilation has been published of the band. Produced by Lea Liitmaa she gathers in a memorable performance to 20 musicians who have accompanied her in her musical career. An unpublished DVD in the music rock of Estonia!. It has stayed very well because Lea has taken charge personally of everything.



“Kui me päikeseloojangut ootama peaks”

“See on me meeltele”




“…Ja poleb maa”

Genialistid & Lea Liitmaa video clip “Leekiv Armastus”

“Olen sinu” by pep1000

“Vaata vaid mu poole”

 "Aeg ei oota" (Live from DVD compilation "X")

Lea Liitmaa & Choirs “Ära piina mind” Laululahing 04/04/2009  

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