Winners of the contest “Halley superstaar” and with the help of the producer of new talents “Top ten”, the first single of the girls Mari-Liis Aasmäe (1988), Taisi Pettai (1989) and Evelin Liivamägi (1991) appeared in 2004, it was called “Klubi paradiis” and it was included in the compilation of  hits of Top Ten “Kevadhitt 2004”. The majority of the songs of the band would be composed and produced by Fred Sonne.

After a new and rapid so called single “Jätke võtmed väljapoole” that appeared in September, 2004 in “Sügishitt 2004” together with another single called “Bemarivend” the Dynamint’s first album appeared in October and called as the band “Dynamint”. “Klubi paradiis” was a musical very important hit in Estonia besides the fact that the band recorded a video clip for the song, not too frequently in many bands of Estonia.

In April, 2005 with the appearance of the new single “Sinule kallis” already it is possible to state that the band has turned into a duo. Evelin left Dynamint. The same year Dynamint gained the award “Aasta uustulnuk 2005” to the rawest band of the year.

In August, 2005 there appears your second so called album “7” to my to understand the best album of all. With new singles like “Viirus”, “Kaunis maailm”, the best romantic ballad of the band “Veel ja veel” and the superhit “Tulen Sinuga”. With a good marketing and a good expansion for Europe “Tulen Sinuga” it could have been a number 1 in many lists of radio of European countries. Of this super song also a nice and simple video clip was done but interesting of seeing.

A fleeting appearance in Germany, and some performance in Berlin was Dynamint’s projection, evil taken and that had pitiful consequences. Even I manage to appear the web “http://www.dynamint-music.de” but of scanty service and duration.

In 2006 there appeared the last so called album “Best of” that was including all your previous hits (26 songs) and adapt in karaoke (17 songs). It was decided to suppress the band and every girl would continue your career in solitarily.

On March 13, 2007 the duo did his last performance in Pärnu.

To see the professional career in solitarily of Mari-Liis Aasmäe please to see this page in the same channel https://pep1000.wordpress.com/about/mari-liis-aasmae/




“Hoia ja keela”

“Best of”


Vanilla Ninja Feat Dynamint – You Got A Friend

“Klubi paradiis”

“Tulen sinuga”

“Tormitudrukud” video by pep1000

“Veel ja veel”


“Tivoli” Live at Tivoli 2005

Mari-Liis Aasmäe “Tuhandeid Soove” Live in Tähed muusikas 02/14/2009

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