Eda-Ines Etti

Eda-Ines Etti (1981) known normally as Ines is one of the most famous Estonian singers winner of numerous musical awards. She is the best singer in your pop style for her excellent stage presence, her sweeet voice and beauty. 

Since she represented to Estonia in the festival of Eurovision of 2000 your musical career has been unstoppable. She took part in the festival in Sweden with the song “Once in a lifetime” a nice and soft song with an interesting refrain (came on 4th place!). The same year Ines was presenting another song to the Eurolaul -Estonian competition to select a song to represent in Eurovision-: this one was calling “Kuulatan su ootamist” and belonged very different from the winner. She stayed in eighth position.

With this first album “Here for your love” that was including the single of Eurovision, Ines won the award of  Female artist of the year in Estonia in 2000.
We have to wait until the year 2004 to have the first album entirely in Estonian: it calls “15 magamata ööd”. With this album she returned to win the award of better Female artist of the year in 2005 and also for the record of sales.
The band of Ines is called as her “Ines” and the members are: Ivo Etti (bass), Siim Mäesalu (keyboards), Kristjan Kallas (drums) and Erki Pärnoja (guitar).
In the year 2006 she tried to return to represent Estonia in Eurovision. But in the Eurolaul she did not manage to win staying in the second position with the song “Iseendale” for me the best romantic song of Ines.
She returned to appear to the festival in the following year with the song “In good and bad” not managing to represent again to your country. The song composed by her belong to a young and fresh pop, but she was not lucky to win. It seems that Ines trusts in her promotion out of her country with the help that can give him Eurovision again.

They continued two albums more in your career: “Uus päev” in 2005 and “Kustutame vead” in 2007. Also by these two works she was nominated to better artist of the year, not obtaining the award. The best song of all your album “Kustutame vead” is “Keerlen” nice  song pop a sticky refrain. If you hear the song twice already you want to have it!. In my humble opinion “Keerlen” and her first hit “Once in a life time” are the best songs until now. Two real number 1!!.

She also took part in 2008 in the musical charitable program of television of Estonia TV3 “Laulud Tähtedega” won the contest with her couple in the show Valdo Randpere. Ines’s reputation in her country still increase more!.
In late 2009 appeared the fifth album of Ines called “Kas Kuuled mind”. As always their singles “Äratatud hing” and “Ükskord” are good songs with interesting melodies that catch the listener from the first time. It is very habitual that Ines puts in her singles the super songs of the album.
This year Ines won the award Kuldne plaat 2009 –Eesti Koolimissi eriauhind: Aasta Ilusaim artist 2009–  to the most sweet artist of the year.
April, 2011: Ines has promoted her new single called “Tule-tule” song that will incorporate a nice video between mills into the help of the association of wind power “Eesti Tuuleenergia Assotsiatsioon”. I am very satisfied, about a lot of time that did not see Ines in a video clip… The album will be published shortly and will be called “Kiusatus”.  
Ines also leads frequently covers in numerous magazines of beauty, presents shows in TV etc…  she is a very important celebrity in Estonia. Wish you many future successes and if you want to conquer again Europe with your nice songs I want that you know that we will be waiting for you.
December, 2011: We have a great relating news to Ines!. She has just released a DVD with a great live concert that compiles all her big songs. The concert had been recorded one year before in Tallinn. It is a great initiative because this way Ines does as the big international stars. We celebrate very much this because like already I have said in many occasions in Estonia there is accustomed to be neither DVD of live concerts nor DVD with video clips. Now Ines already you have come to the highest top in the music!.
“Here for your love” 
“15 magamata ööd”
“Uus päev”
“Kustutame vead”
“Kas kuuled mind”
“Once in a lifetime” Eurolaul 2000
“Once in a life time” Video clip
“Once in a lifetime” live in Eurovision 2000 (Sweden)
Ines Medley video by pep1000
“Iseendale” Eurolaul 2006
“In good and bad” live in Eurolaul 2007
“Iseendale” live in Tähed Muusikas
Laulud Tähtedega final 2008
Laulukarussell 2008 “Kus kulgeb kuu” 
“Sitapeade Laul” live in Ühendatud ürgmehed 2009 
“Äratatud Hing”  Live in Eesti Muusikaauhinnad 2010

“Ja sina” live in Laululahing 14/3/2009

“Tule-tule” New single july 2011 (from Ines music official in youtube)



Täna ma tean
täna ma tunnen ja mõtlen.
Homset ei tea
homset ma ette ei mõtle.
Täna on hea
täna ma kõrgustes seiklen,
su eest võitlen,jagan kõike.
Täna on kuum
täna on öö nagu filmis.
Naeratab kuu
muudab mind lendavaks ingliks.
Kannab mind tuul, puhub ja lennutab lehti
neid ei keegi, rebi lahti.

Ma keerlen, ma pöörlen,
täna mind kätel kannad.
Ma keerlen, ma pöörlen
täna mul armu annad
kuid homme kui koidab
põgenen kiirelt ja kaon
sa mu said
kuid kohe olen läind.

Homme on käes
midagi ees mind ei oota.
Lukustan end oma tuppa
ja eilsesse vaatan.
Tundub, et seal,
kus veel eile nii hea
ei toond õnne, vajun unne
näen sind jälle.

Ma keerlen, ma pöörlen,
täna mind kätel kannad.
Ma keerlen, ma pöörlen
täna mul armu annad
kuid homme kui koidab
põgenen kiirelt ja kaon
sa mu said
kuid kohe olen läind.

Täna mu said
hambad kõrri lõid.
Täna mu said
hambad kõrri lõid.

Ma keerlen, ma pöörlen,
täna mind kätel kannad.
Ma keerlen, ma pöörlen
täna mul armu annad
kuid homme kui koidab
põgenen kiirelt ja kaon
sa mu said
kuid kohe olen läind.

Ma keerlen ja pöörlen
homme kui koidab
põgenen kiirelt ja kaon
sa mu said
kuid kohe olen läind.


12 comments on “Eda-Ines Etti

  1. LOL!! Äratatud Hing was like my next favorite song after that for months and months. I am SOOO jealous. You have to tell me where I can download these videos. =-(

    • Do not you can download the videos from my channel? then you have to go to youtube, dailymotion, blip.tv, vimeo… and have some of the software to do that ….

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  3. I’ve been an English fan of Ines for several years: ever since ‘Once in a Lifetime’ in fact. What a phenomenal talent. Is the ‘Ines Live’ DVD on sale anywhere on the Web yet?
    Oh, and one more thing….for those of us who don’t speak Estonian, what is the background to the Sitapeade Laul? She looks fairly angry!

    • I also know to Ines from the great song “Once a lifetime”. Eurovision is very important for small countries… In this event, artists can show their good work to whole Europe. Referring to the song that you tell me… if she looks angry… we will see what happens… I did not understand 🙂 To buy the DVD “Ines live” there is a problem… as already it is habitual for people that we do not live in Estonia… In “lasering.ee” can not buy if you live outsides… and in “cdmarket.eu” where I always buy the material, yet I do not see the DVD! 😦

      • Don’t lie!
        LESERING.EE is working with ANY kind of client! From any part of the world!
        I’ve made two orders alredy from this company, great service!

      • I could have contacted with “lasering” and they have said to me that for no residents in Estonia accept bank transfer. Only we have to say to them for e-mail the CD that we want. Instead said to you “liar” might have said to us since it is possible to buy in this shop!!

      • I’m from RUSSIAN FEDERATION.
        DO you need a scan from my latest order?
        It’s POSSIBLE to buy from this shop ‘couse everybody now is fighting for own client. They accept international orders!
        Just buy that you want and wait for the respond. If you’re from EU it’s not a prolem for you to make s SEPA payment.

      • Thank you for your help! From lasering they have said this to me. I am going to prove it shortly:
        We offer international shipping as well. You can always send us an email and let us know what items interest you. According to that we will send you an invoice. The shipping cost depends on the weight of the package. We don’t accept Paypal yet, the only possible way for paying is via international transaction. Best regards, Lasering lasering@lasering.ee

    • You have reason. It is possible to do this in “post” but not in pages since this web is done.
      When I find out about some innovation relating to a singer I put it in the page and the people do not know it if it does not return to look at the page of the artist. From now I will report of the innovations in the pages in my page of the “Facebook” in the same way as always I report of new pages. Thank you for the idea!

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