Eesti laul 2010



Finally the song of Estonia could not qualify for the final of Eurovision Song Contest on Saturday 29 May. Estonia will have to wait for the next year. Hopefully, the selected songs are more interesting!


Tomorrow is the day of the first semifinal of Eurovision. Malcolm works in third place. Hopefully you have good luck


The show has finished … and the winner is…. Malcolm Lincoln (Robin Juhkental). Let’s hope that he is lucky in the festival of Eurovision in Oslo!!.

Eesti laul 2010 3/12/2010

Performances of Violina and Lenna Kuurmaa to see your respective pages


The day of the festival has come!!!. Tomorrow to the 21.30 h (hour of Estonia) you will be able to see the show for the ETV. The people who lives out of Estonia you will be able to see the show for internet in “” section “multimedia” or “”.

Luck for Violina & Rolf Junior!!


The magazine “Ohtuleht” has recorded the first essays of the performances. Here we can see Iiris Vesik, Disko 4000 and Violina & Rolf Junior


This was the last video expected … Piret Järvis and her new band Disko 4000. Good thing we already know Piret’s talent for years, one of the best artists from Estonia … because this song …


Again the same situation: Now the magazine “Ohtuleht” has proposed a contest to choose to the best song, of a selection of the songs that were not classified by the final of the “Eesti laul”. At the moment there is no video but here I you put the link where you can listen and vote for them. At the moment very good songs Absolut, Dr. Trum and Jana Tafenau. It is clear that someone has to do initiatives to return to place morally the level of the music of Estonia. First it was a reporter and now ohtuleht.


Finally there came the performance of so awaited Lenna ….. but the song is not very good … over others participant but  is not at a the level of Violina&Rolf Junior!


Incredible!! … seen such a low level in the “Eesti laul 2010” the magazine “” is organizing your own selection of songs that did not obtain the final of the “Eesti laul”. 18 high-level songs!!.

We can estimate these songs in the section “Estonian music” for Jana Kask and Grete Klein and for “Merka”, “Tanja Mihhailova” and “Birgit Oigemeel” to look at your own pages. A high-level musical selection for the contest. Out of Merka I did not know that all these artists had appeared to the festival. The winner will have advertising on your song in radio and television. It will be a just prize to all the artists eliminated in the preselection.

Conference these songs …. is  interested someone the “Eesti laul” of this year? That so big disappointment for the contest of this year!. I have to congratulate “reporter” on the initiative and turn the dignity to the music of Estonia.

02/13/2010 Violina feat Rolf Junior video


02/02/2010 Pep1000 opinion: 

The truth is that … it gives me great a sorrow to say these words but… This year the level of the Eesti laul 2010 is very low!. Last year if that was interesting and very difficult to know the one who would win: Urban Symphony, Laura, Traffic, Rolf Junior, Ithaka Maria … but this year I am disappointed!!

I was waiting with a lot of interest for the new band of Piret Järvis (Disko 4.000) but… only Rolf Junior up to the moment and the future song that Lenna will present they can arrange this situation. The elimination of Merka’s song for example … it is incomprehensible!.

01/30/2010 More lives !!! Tiiu Kiik and Mimicry

01/24/2010 More lives !!! Iiris Vesik, Robin Juhkental & Groundhog Day

01/18/2010 Rolf Junior & Violina live

Already I said that Rolf Junior & Violina’s song would be one of the favorites … to the wait of Lenna’s song. They already is doing performances of the song. Here I leave the first performance you for the ETV. Mop is heard, raising the volume of the computer and patience … sometimes advertising goes out before the video!

01/13/2010 The magazines of Estonia already do your own bets on the winner of the “Eesti laul 2010”

(magazine Ohtuleht)

01/12/2010 An eliminated song !!

Nikita’s song “Made me cry” has been eliminated of the final of the Eesti laul because Nikita´s song was released before Oct 2009.  In your place the juror has chosen Robin Juhkental will take part with the song “Siren”.

01/11/2010 Finalists Eesti laul 2010 !!!!

Already ten finalists of the festival have known themselves. There have been some surprises as the elimination of Merka’s good song. They had presented 155 songs!!

The finalists are the following ones:

“Astronaut” – autorid Iiris Vesik, Ago Teppand, esitaja Iiris Vesik

“Ei usu” – autorid Piret Järvis, Sander Loite, Paul Oja, Kallervo Karu, esitaja Disko 4000

“Maagiline päev” – autorid Mihkel Mattisen, Timo Vendt, Rolf Roosalu, Liis Lass, esitaja Violina feat. Rolf Junior

“Made Me Cry” – autor ja esitaja Nikita Bogdanov

“New” – autorid Timmo Linnas, Kaspar Ehlvest, Ivar Kaine, Kene Vernik, Paul Lepasson, esitaja Mimicry

“Oota mind veel” – autorid Heini Vaikmaa, Oskar Ove, esitaja Marten Kuningas

“Poolel teel” – autorid Janek Murd, Erkki Tero, esitaja 3 Pead

“Rapunzel” – autor Vaiko Eplik, esitaja Lenna Kuurmaa

“Teiste seest kõigile” – autorid Tõnn Tobreluts, Tauno Tamm, Keio Münti, Indrek Mällo, esitaja Groundhog Day

“The One and Only – Love” – autor ja esitaja Tiiu Kiik

Once analyzed the selection of selected artists, there is people very known in the world of the Estonian music and of previous festivals as Lenna Kuurmaa, Iiris Vesik, Rolf Junior and Piret Järvis and her new band Disko 4.000.

In principle they would be favorites Rolf Junior y Violina because they take a good song of Timo Vendt/Mihkel/Rolf & Liis Lass and a few interesting violins (last year Urban Symphony’s violins impressed the public!). But there is a name that stands out over all and is Lenna Kuurmaa. Now it is necessary to wait to listen to Lenna’s song…

01/06/2010 Tomorrow it finishes the term of presentation of candidacies

I mention textually the press release that has realized today the direction of the festival relative to the next Eesti laul 2010.

The deadline to submit songs for the Estonian 2010 national selection, Eesti Laul, ends tomorrow, and today the national broadcaster has released more details on the procedure. The ten artists to take part in the competition will be selected by a jury next Monday, January 11th. The date for the national final has been set on March 12th.

The national final will be held at the Nokia Concert Hall in Tallinn. The show will feature ten acts, which will be selected by a professional jury next Monday, January 11th. The acts will be presented on the ETV evening show on the same day.

I hope that it could follow the show for Internet!!!!

12/28/2009 Merka will take part in the Eesti Laul 2010!. 

As it publishes today the diary “Ohtuleht” Merka can take part in the next Eesti laul 2010 with your new single “Iga Kord”.  The truth is that … the song seems to be good enough and with many possibilities.

If you want to see the video of Pep1000 for Merka “Iga Kord” to visit to your page of this channel

Here the Merka’s link in Myspace:

December 2009.

Eesti Rahvusringhääling (ERR) –Estonian Public Broadcasting– has officially opened it’s doors to send in songs for the Estonian national selection, Eesti Laul, to compete for the spot in the 55th Eurovision Song Contest in Oslo. Despite rumors of a possible withdrawal, Estonia is going ahead with participation in this year’s contest with the help of a 1.5 million EEK (96.000 €) donation by a foundation called Enterprise Estonia.

Songs can be sent in to ERR until 7th January.  The same procedure of last year’s Eesti Laul will also be used again, as it was clearly a success. 10 songs will be selected by a jury for the final, and will be presented on ETV,  Estonian radio stations, and internet in February. The final will be hosted on 12th March 2010. The winner will be chosen by 50% jury and 50% televotes.

Pep1000 wait irritates the candidates’ selection … and there will proceed to encourage and spread the candidate that more he likes…

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