Eesti laul 2012


March, 3 2012

Already we have the winner of this year. Surprisingly Ott Lepland with “Kuula” has imposed himself to Lenna in the final to 2. Once again the vote of the feminine public could have helped a masculine artist to be able to gain the festival. For the second time Lenna can not gain the final.

The show in general has been slightly intense, cold in general and slightly emotively with the winner. Though it is not the song most adapted for Eurovision let’s hope that he stays in good position in Baku.

Birgit and Violina my favorite selection in the seventh position… there are things that I have not just understood.. 


March, 3 2012

Today the final 21.35 h (Estonian time)

I believe that it would have to gain Birgit’s song it would be most adapted to represent Estonia in Eurovision. But it was this band only Lenna or Loss Paranoias would be of the suitable level but… I admit that Lena’s song is probably too slow… We will See that it happens! Good luck Birgit!


February, 25 2012

Already we have the results of the second semi-final. I have succeeded partially: it was evident that Lenna and Birgit & Violina (though curiously the trio Violina with new two components) had to be in the final and Teele could be… but lamentably Mimicry has been replaced by Traffic and in addition has been added Tenfold Rabbit that I should change for Cat eye because I have liked his performance and the song.

It is never possible to be satisfied with everything but exactly I believe that Mimicry and Cat eye had to be in the final and Traffic and Tenfold Rabbit not… but the voting of the public has been like that and we have to respect it.


February, 24 2012

Tomorrow the second semi-final. Since always to the 21.35 h (Estonian time) and directly on-line in ETV. Here the link

We put immediately afterwards the list of artists and songs for this second semi-final.

1. Traffic “NASA”

2. Lenna “Mina jään”

3. Malcolm Lincoln “Bye”

4. Tenfold Rabbit “Oblivion”

5. Birgit & Violina “You’re not alone”

6. Soul Militia “The future is now”

7. Mimicry “The destination”

8. Orelipoiss “Zombi”

9. Teele Viira “City nights”

10. Cat eye “Ride”

In this occasion my favorites are evidently Birgit & Violina and also Lenna and Mimicry. After these three artists I do not know that it will happen… probably Teele Viira that returns with another song after of the first semi-final with POP MANIACS qualifies… She nowadays is very famous in Estonia!. If she qualifies it will be in the final with two songs… she me resembles Laura in 2005.

February, 18 2012

Already we have the results of the first semi-final:

Have qualified POP MANIACS, Ott Lepland, Liis Lemsalu, August Hunt y Loss Paranoias. The only surprise for me is the elimination of Janne’s song. I do not understand anything… to put August’s bad song instead of Janne’s song has any possible logic. I hope that Janne is nice after this great disappointment. I have to notice that the song of loss Paranoias is good enough and I have liked it very much, Ott there did a good work and Liis and POP they take place by the final… but that August is in the final lamentably it is not not just at all.

The show in general has been enough showy little, the dresses of  Piret Järvis slightly nice and the scene had been much better in the previous years… Let’s hope that it improves all that in the second semi-final.

February, 12 2012

Already less than one week is absent for the first semi-final. The level is high and everything is very exciting, principally in the second semi-final… where I do not know that it will happen!.

There qualify 5 artists of every semi-final for the great end of March 3. My forecast for this Saturday they are:

Janne Saar and POP Maniacs (Rolf Roosalu)… between other artists there does not matter for me the one who qualifies: Ott Lepland and Liis Lemsalu are very famous nowadays, MIA’s song could have been so good… that the public decides but evidently they have to be in the final Janne Saar and Rolf Roosalu.

 We put immediately afterwards the list of artists and songs for this first semi-final.

1. Janne Saar “Fight for love”

2. Erasmus Rotterdamist “Kuu pääle”

3. MIA “Bon voyage”

4. Milky Whip “My love”

5. POP Maniacs “I don’t know”

6. Ott Lepland “Kuula”

7. August Hunt “Tantsulovi”

8. Soundclear “A little soldier”

9. Liis Lemsalu “Made up my mind”

10. Loss Paranoias “Valedetektor”

To remember that it is possible to watch for the ETV in this link! To seeing that it happens….

Saturday February 18 to the 21.35 h (Estonian time!)

February, 11 2012

Finally we have Janne’s performance!.  Already we were impatient… finally the moment has come. Here we have the “Fight for love” slow version. Enjoy it!

February, 8 2012

I already said that the song of this year of “Mimicry” was different that previous years: less risky, more melodic, strong pace and better realized… in my opinion much more adapted for this types of shows. In addition this year they have done a magnificent video clip, simply but at the same time elegantly and vibrant, modern and aesthetically very visual and with a good assembly of photography and images. Very well finished, you would never get tired of seeing it!. It has been a brilliant idea to do it and to edit it a few days before the festival. They are doing a magnificent campaign of marketing and this has to have a prize. Perfect!

I believe that this year you have done all the possible merits to be in the final… and probably to gain it if the public considers it to be like that. Congratulations!!

January, 30 2012

One more year Rolf returns to the Eesti laul. Now with “POP Maniacs” an interesting and attractive band of boys and girls that it can attract the juvenile public that so much likes this type of events. Rolf… this year yes?

January, 28 2012

We have already video and performs of Lenna’s song. The song is soft, style ballad and in addition a video clip has done to itself  that demonstrates a good interest to promote the song. Though I believe that the song is not adapted for Eurovision

Also already we have Birgit’s performs perfectly accompanied on the piano as the creator of the song Mihkel Mattisen.

January, 21 2012

Already many days have happened and the majority of the songs already we know since they will be the day of the contest. Many artists already have gone to television programs to do his performance or some interview. We leave you the web of the Estonian television where the diverse artists can meet.

We have to emphasize the Mia’s song  where the music has been modified enough… already they are not in the song that horrible strident sound, the robotic voices, better synth… though I continue saying that of Vahur Valgmaa could have done a much better song.

December, 27 2011

I’ve been waiting with great interest the MIA’s song.  We know that Vahur Valgmaa had made the song… MIA has finally put the song on their “youtube”.

Really expected much more from Vahur… these loud sounds in the background of the song… not quite like!… The bad melody, the chorus is not quite like and very repetitive .. in short, a shame because we know they can make great songs… Is not it could make a song as “ingel mu kõrval”?


December, 17 2011

I am starting listening to the first songs: good songs Birgit Õigemeel (since always the songs of the team Mihkel Mattisen/Timo Vendt work very well), Mimicry (this band has improved more than in the previous years)… and specially Janne’s song. This year has been a marvellous idea her of mixing a song of love with very much pace and a very interesting refrain that rapidly attracts the attention of the listener… Janne and Carola Madis have realized a magnificent work!. It seems to me that 12 points for Janne. After the unjust elimination of Janne’s song of last year, this year…. yes!

I wait with many patience for MIA’s song (with the specialist in big songs Vahur Valgmaa) and POP MANIACS, with song of Rolf Roosalu, a veteran and persevering participant in this contest and eliminated unjustly in some occasion. This year probably there are more stars that other years… both semi-finals promise to be very interesting.

December, 15 2011

Already we have the list of 20 semifinalists for Eesti laul 2012. As I say in “Tanja Mihhailova’s blog” I believe that there repeat themselves artists of previous bad years, other artists repeat with very much merit and great sacrifice… and other artists remain out of this list!.

The bands and songs are these:

1. Soundclear “A Little Soldier” (Karl-Ander Reismann)

2. MIA “Bon Voyage” (Vahur Valgmaa)

3. Malcolm Lincoln “Bye” (Robin Juhkental)

4. Teele Viira “City Nights” (Priit Uustulnd, Teele Viira)

5. Janne Saar “Fight for Love” (Janne Saar, Carola Madis)

6. POP Maniacs “I Don’t Know” (Rolf Roosalu)

7. Erasmus Rotterdamist “Kuu pääle” (Paul Daniel, Jürgen Rooste)

8. Ott Lepland “Kuula” (Ott Lepland, Aapo Ilves)

9. Liis Lemsalu “Made up My Mind” (Liis Lemsalu, Rene Puura)

10. Lenna “Mina jään” (Mihkel Raud, Lenna Kuurmaa)

11. Milky Whip “My Love” (Karl Kanter, Helina Reinjärv)

12. Traffic “NASA” (Ago Teppand, Jaan Pehk)

13. Tenfold Rabbit “Oblivion” (Tenfold Rabbit)

14. Cat Eye “Ride” (Karel Kattai, Tanel Roovik, Margaret Kelomees)

15. Orelipoiss “Zombi” (Jaan Pehk, Olavi Ruitlane)

16. August Hunt “Tantsulõvi” (August Hunt)

17. Mimicry “The Destination” (Paul Lepasson)

18. Soul Militia “The Future is Now” (Lauri Pihlap)

19. Loss Paranoias “Valedetektor” (Loss Paranoias)

20. Birgit Õigemeel “You’re Not Alone” (Mihkel Mattisen)

In the next days I will hear the songs and will be positioning myself in my favorite song.

December 13, 2011

Next Thursday, December, 15 to live 7 p.m. (Estonian time!) in ETV’s program “Ringvaade” 20 semifinalists of the Eesti laul 2012 will be said. This ETV’s program can watch online

I hope that we all see the program the best come to the final!. This week everything happens very rapidly.

You can watch “Ringvaade” here!! Enjoy it!!! Link:

December 12, 2011

Today at 15 hours was the deadline to submit songs for the next Eesti Laul 2012. As usual many artists have waited until the last minute to present their work. This year has been 159 songs!.

There are famous artists but… prefer not to give their names so as not to disturb their privacy.

Now there is a rapid screening and on Friday December 16th we will know the 20 selected. At that point we will begin to examine the songs.

Good luck to all!!!!

Remember these important dates:
● The jury will select the 20 best and make them public before December 16
● The first semifinal will take place from February 18
● The second semi-final on February 25
● Final will take place on Nokia Concert Hall in March 3. (magazine Õhtuleht  in Estonian)

December 8, 2011

Still we do not know the finalists… and still a few days stay to finish the term to present candidacies but… already you can buy the tickets for the final of next March 3, 2012 of the Eesti laul 2012…

Do you encourage to do it?


October 5, 2011

Though still it is very far… already the preparations have begun for the “Eesti laul 2012”. We know that the show will be celebrated on March 3, 2012 and that the candidacies to appear finish on December 12 at 3 p.m. Though we do not know anything with accuracy important information they say to us that famous Estonian artists can appear to the preselection.

At the moment we cannot advance any more news but we will report when we should know more information will communicate it at once!.

More information in Estonian in Magazine Õhtuleht:


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