Interview to Risto Rebane

Risto Rebane: “If you have the ideas and talented artists and the future vision, everything is possible”

August 19, 2012. I knew the composer Risto Rebane when I was investigating the Estonian band of soft pop “Zone”. Vaike Hannust commented to me that his companion in the band was Risto and that the compositions of the songs were of him. Since then I have followed the musical career of this composer and have discovered interesting findings.

Today Risto has had the amiability to grant a small interview to us.

Pep1000: Risto two questions obliged to all those who answer the interview: What do you think that someone who lives to 3.000 km from Estonia should be precisely the administrator of a channel of spreading of the Estonian music in english?

Risto Rebane: I think that You are somehow connected with Estonia. Having some acquaintances or relatives in Estonia. Maybe having some favourite artist here?

Pep1000: Internet has made possible that great people know your work from the whole world… but many people say to me that they have problems to buy music of Estonian singers from outside Estonia (many stores no accepted credit card of out of Estonia, clients of the foreigner are not accepted…) What do you think about this?

Risto Rebane: It is possible to buy. For example, visiting the most popular Estonian e-music store:, You can buy by credit card also from outside Estonia.

Pep1000: The band “Zone” was active between 1994 and 2006. These are many years… Which is the secret for this long period?

Risto Rebane: The secret of it is that “Zone” wasn’t just a commercial project. I was writing the songs to this group also to my own enjoyment. Mainly, because in my heart, I had a desire to create something.

Pep1000: In “Zone” with which song you would remain? I think that “Sinu Kõrval” is an authentic hit!

Risto Rebane: I am agree, “Sinu Kõrval” is a successful song.

Pep1000: Why does it finish the band? I suppose that after so many years the artists want to experience other things in solitarily…

Risto Rebane: The collaboration with the singer Vaike Hannust is not finished. From time to time we still create the songs together. Only that we do not use the name “Zone” anymore. Time has been going on, lots of things have been changed.

Pep1000: After finishing a former band of very much success it has been difficult you to do your career? Are beginnings hard?

Risto Rebane: When “Zone” has got end, I had a long creative break. The ideas were missing. One day I felt, that I can not anymore, I felt that my soul is crying and I started again to write the new songs. It has happened year 2010.

Pep1000: Is it difficult for an Estonian artist/composer to be famous in the world of the music? Do you believe that if your you had born in another country it would be much easier?

Risto Rebane: I think, all depend on your talent. It doesn’t matter in which country you live. If you have the ideas and talented artists and the future vision, everything is possible.

Pep1000: That was “Risto Rebane parimad”? What were you trying to explain to us in this album?

Risto Rebane: Actually, it is the summary collection of the previous creation; I could not call it really as the Best off record.

Pep1000: In all your songs sometimes we see a very different style, it seems that you play with diverse styles: electronic ballads (“Moondance”), softer song and only music (“girl in the wind”) soft touches of jazz (“The final round”, “Feel the heaven”)… what style do you like more?

Risto Rebane: My favourite style is ambient and chill out music. Unfortunately, it’s also necessary to take into consideration to the taste of potential listeners.

Pep1000: My favorite your song was one of the most recent “Kell seisma jääb” together with Raido Lilleberg and with Ly Lumiste’s nice voice –I did an intense critique of this song in Ly’s page in this channel-. How is it possible to come to this degree of perfection in a song? Electronic music that manages to thrill the listener?

Risto Rebane: Honestly, if we talk about this song, I hoped to receive better result. At the same time, to reach the ideal, is not easy at all.

Pep1000: Artists who have sung your songs: Vaike Hannust, Ly Lumiste, Evelin Samuel, Ivo Jürisson, Eve Pärnsalu… What artist would you like that he/she will sing your song?

Risto Rebane: It is very complicated to find the ideal singer, Estonia is tiny. For example, my songs could be performed by Emma Hewitt or Cathy Burton 🙂

Pep1000: In the radios of my country only I hear as foreign language in the music the english. Will I hear some your song in the radio of my country? On what factors do they depend the international export of the music?

Risto Rebane: I hope so, we´ll see what future brings.

Pep1000: Eesti laul is a great opportunity for the Estonian artists or for composers/lyricists. I do not know if you have appeared to this contest with any your song because every year only we know the songs finalists. Are you going to try to do it in a future? We have seen that clearly not always the best song is the contest wins…

Risto Rebane: The contest “Eesti laul” is a great opportunity to promote your songs, but not always the best one does not win. This year, in collaboration with Raido Lilleberg, we also try to present one song . In fact, at the moment we work for this song.

Pep1000: Some comment that you want to make, proposed… we listen to you with a lot of interest! Thank you Risto for your words!


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