Interview to Sinine

Mauno Meesit: “My biggest ambition is always to stay honest to myself and make music that I really like”

November, 19, 2012. Mauno Meesit from Sinine band has the amiability to grant a small interview for all the friends of Pep1000 channel. Thanks Mauno!!


Mauno before doing a small revision to your professional career and speaking about your new album we will begin this small interview with one question that answer our all Estonian interviewed,

Pep1000: What do you think why someone who lives to 3.000 km from Estonia should be precisely the administrator of a channel of spreading of the Estonian music in english?

Mauno: Hahaa, a good question 🙂 Maybe you have roots in Estonia? Or you have discovered the fact that most of the prettiest female singers are from Estonia? 🙂 Anyway I believe that is the beauty of music that it really doesn’t ask language, age or anything. Everybody can undertand the language of music.?

Pep1000: You have a deep European mentality. Unlike many other Estonian bands you want to expand musically to Europe. You have the web in english, make more songs in english that in Estonian, we can buy your songs in Amazon and itunes… Where is the limit of your musical ambition??

Mauno: I haven’t even thought about it before but you are right. I worked with my first “Butterflies” album about 5 years and when it was ready, I knew that I put everything into these highly personal songs and I felt that this is what I can give to myself and to the world and I must bring this album in public in best way possible. So it was a logical step that I started to search a decent record label outside Estonia and worked hard to get everything done in the best way. Also that was the beautiful time of MySpace and communicating with international fans was so easy. But yeah I signed with my very favorite label in the world – German Accession Records and now I just released my second album together with them. Actually my biggest ambition is always to stay honest to myself and make music that I really like. But I am very interested in the music industry as such and of course I always give my best to share my music with even more people.?

Pep1000: Related to the previous question it is that the people who does not live in Estonia say to me that they have problems to buy the music of the Estonian bands that only use the internal circuits of this country. For example if you not live in Estonia you can not register and buy in the Estonian ebay, many records shops online not use credit cards of out of Estonia… It is more difficult for us to be able to follow. For this motive we are grateful for a more international diffusion like you do. What do you think about this? Would the Estonian singers have to expand also out of his country??

Mauno: After reading the question I just posted that on my Facebook, maybe someone will start to think about it more. I know that all the younger bands and artists who are taking their music seriously are already in iTunes and they have PayPal on web-stores etc. But I guess it is really true that some of the older records shops online and also some folk and indie artists doesn’t think much about international customers and fans. Of course that is really wrong and ignorant but luckily I see that things are really going better with every day. We finally have Estonian iTunes, Estonian music export is making big steps forward and people have more and more ambitions to share their talent internationally.?

Pep1000: Is it difficult for an Estonian artist to be famous in the world of the music? Do you believe that if you had born in another country it would be much easier?

Mauno: Famous is very relative term of course and I am not really making music to get famous. But I think everything is really possible. Of course we don’t have so strong music export system yet as Finland or Iceland, but with hard work and great music everything is possible.

It depends. I believe I have something different to say to the world because I am from Estonia and I really love Estonia. And some things are really easier here because everybody know everyone and it is much easier than in Germany or UK. For example, can you imagine that our drummer Jaagup, who is even not 30 years old, have already warmed up Metallica and Massive Attack with one of his band? 🙂 I guess that wouldn’t be possible in bigger countries because the competitions is just way bigger in every way. But at the same time it is true that it is easier to find more fans and make bigger tours outside Estonia because we just doesn’t have that much people for every alternative scene etc.?

Pep1000: In these moments there are good bands of electronic music in Estonia and in other northern countries. Robyn, HU?, Vanbot, Mimicry, Tiiu Kiik… all are in this divulgative channel. What bands do you like more? Why is synthesizer used so much in the songs in these countries? In South Europe it is not used so much…?

Mauno: Most of the pop music is electronic these days anyway, but most of the bands that you mentioned are flirting with the old-school electro touch more or less and I like that. Robyn is cool and thanks for mentioning Vanbot, sounds very nice! HU?, Mimicry, and Tiiu Kiik are friends and I have shared stage with all of them. And I really like what they are doing.

I personally like synthesizers because I can create so many different sounds and really magical atmospheres with these that is not possible with only natural instruments.?

Pep1000: I knew you in the show Aasta hitt 2009 awards with the song “Empty me of emptiness”. An extraordinary force of powerful electronic music comparable with the best European bands. What result had this first album “Butterflies” (2009)? Is it this song your favorite one??

Mauno: Glad you like the song! The “Butterflies” album was really a success. “Newcomer of the Year” title at Estonian Music Awards 2009, “Best Electronic Music Artist” nomination at Estonian Music Awards 2010, 5 weeks in German Alternative Charts and a really warm response from people all over the world! I can’t say which song is my favourite one because all my songs are telling different story from my own life and they are all very important to me.?

Pep1000: We are going to speak about your last album “Dreams come true”. How there arose the idea of doing the principal single “Sel teel” with Sandra’s nice voice? It has been a wonderful idea!.?

Mauno: Thank You! We first met at Estonian Music Awards Gala in 2009 and talked about possible collaboration. I was really surprised that Sandra said that she is a fan of my first “Butterflies” album and of course I was amazed by her voice and character and knew her well from Eurovision 2009. Also her manager and producer are my friends and I have mixed my albums in the same studio. But yeah since then we stayed in touch and we didn’t forget the collaboration plan. This year when I was working with new Sinine album it was perfect time to realize our long-waited dream of our collaboration.?

Pep1000: I see that the lyrics of the songs are very deep and express many feelings in them. How do you do it to obtain these so nice songs??

Mauno: I am always honest to myself and to the listener, that’s it! I really want to make honest music and write a book of my life with my songs, so I think people can recognize that sincere energy in my songs.?

Pep1000: In addition in your second single “I’m dreaming” you incorporate a nice and mysterious video clip. It is very important to incorporate video clips in the songs and many artists do not do it. Why in “Sel teel” there was no video? Is it very expensive to incorporate videos in the songs??

Mauno: Actually we still have the idea to make a video clip for the song also but lets see. Right now we have a TV performance video of the song and in coming weeks we will release a kind of video with the acoustic version of the song, that is also a promo video for a local TV series where me and Sandra were featured. And I also have many plans with next video singles. A decent video can be very expensive but luckily I have many good friends from TV, film and advertising field, who have helped me.?

Pep1000: I believe that the album has a great success guaranteed: good electronic music with deep lyrics and in addition with good videos and nice voices. Do you know if the album is reaching good positions in charts of your country? How do sales go??

Mauno: The first single with Sandra was in estonian Radios Top 10 charts for 9 weeks and the current single I’m Dreaming is already in A list of  several biggest radios, so we are doing pretty good! It is too early to tell something about sales since the album is still very new.?

Pep1000: In what other countries has it entered the charts this album??

Mauno: Lately the “Dreams Come True” album entered German Alternatice Charts and in FIRST position, that is really amazing. I know that we are also in some other German charts.?

Pep1000: Every year numerous Estonian artists try to gain the Eesti laul to represent to his country in Eurovision. I do not know if you have presented any song at some time because only we know every year the songs that have qualified. Will you try to go some year to this contest?.Is Eesti laul the door of Europe’s entry for a singer??

Mauno: Eesti Laul is really a wonderful TV promotion opportunity and most of the Estonian participants are even not interested in Eurovision itself. I think I will go there sooner or later also just to reach more possible listeners who don’t know Sinine yet but who can really like what I do.?

Pep1000: Finally I would like you to say something to someone who does not know you still and wants to know your work. Thanks for your words and your time!. We hope new songs with great interest!?

Mauno: I would like to take You to the colorful journey of Sinine songs where you can get honest lyrics and a explosive mix of pop and alternative music.
Thank you for the really interesting questions. Warm greetings from cold Estonia!

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