Ithaka Maria

Ithaka Maria (1979) -born Gyrcelea-Ithaka-Maria Pruuli- has one of the most powerful  Estonian voices and she is one of the artists most known outside Estonia. As the singers Maarja, Hannah, Kerli or Vanilla Ninja band, Ithaka frequently with foreign producers (Sweden) to spread her work more internationally in Europe. A good marketing campaign, songs written in English and good video clips that accompany the songs are the essence of this process of internationalization of these artists from Estonia.

Started very young in music and in the 90’s, Ithaka was one of the components of the pop band “Best b4” of great success in Estonia. Later she started her solo career. Her first hits were songs “Kui see on õnn” and “Ma tahan olla ingel” more interesting for me this last song with a happy dance techno.
In 2002 Ithaka was a member of the band “Slobodan River” with Tomi Rahula and Stig Rasta who performed a modern pop and started writing songs in English.  With this band Ithaka has participated twice in the Eurolaul (Estonia Final for Eurovision). In 2003 with the song “What a day” with a sensual lyrics came in seventh place and in 2004, remained in third place with a young Tanel Padar in which sung the beautiful song in English “Surrounded”.
Eurolaul 2004 for me has been the most level competition for the Estonian finalist for Eurovision, the level of artists was very good but maybe the Ithaka’s song was worthy of winning.
The band even made a video for the single called “A Girl In A Push Up Bra”. For the first time the band stopped the compulsory English language repertoire, and made the song “Take a ride” in Estonian version as “Paremaid päevi”. Create an Estonian version was adopted with open arms by the local radio stations. However, the band officially disbanded, and went to Tomi Rahula is currently involved in the band Tanel Padar & The Sun.
Ithaka start her solo career again now much stronger and ready for the world of music with the experience we have drawn on their early teenage years.
In December 2006, appeared in a new single, “Confession”, but now under the name Ithaka Maria. In addition to the name of the song and the video can still expect to find single “Take a Ride” and “Paremaid päevi”. Ithaka Maria will continue as a solo artist in many ways similar to previous years. The only difference that has begun to cooperate with the peak with producers from Sweden “Mig music”.
She took part in “Laulud tähtedega 2008” show of Estonian TV (TV3) the one that a public figure sings together with a professional singer. Ithaka sang together with the Miss Estonia 2000 Evelyn Mikomägi staying in fifth position.
In January 2009 features the single “One Last Dance” and represented this year to Eurolaul accompanied on guitar by Piret Järvis remaining in sixth position. The song is very good and the marketing very appropriate prior to the competition (including video clip) but could not represent her country.
June 19, 2009, presented by Maria Ithaka her first solo album, which was still before the single “A little wicked”. This album collects all their previous singles, plus the song of Eurolaul 2009 and four songs in Estonian. Overall the album is very good, nice pop, great choruses along with the voice of Ithaka create a great album… very competitive in the world of music.
Finally this year 2009 Ithaka also has played the role of a presenter of Estonian TV. The popular show of TV3 “Eesti otsib superstaari” -Estonian version of  Pop idol– she presented it together with Tanel Padar.
In August 2010 appeared a version of mix of songs from their first album. The album is called “A little wicked REMIXED”, 19 songs the majority mixed by Tony Awake.
This year 2011 Ithaka returns to competition for Eurovision (now called Eesti Laul) with the song “Hopa’pa-rei!” very appropriate for this type of competition (and again accompanied by a great video clip)… I sincerely believe that this year… Yes! you can represent your country!. It would be just reward for a long career!
Eesti laul 2011 last news: Finally the song of Ithaka not could to gain the festival. It had been a winning song but this year there was very much level and there were many good songs to represent Estonia in Germany. I suppose that Ithaka will recover rapidly of unforeseen this one and could make us happy with her songs.
Slobodan River “Surrounded” (2004)
Ithaka Maria “A little wicked” (2009)
Ithaka Maria “A little wicked remixed” (2010)
“La la la”
Best B4 “Ma vajan sind sa tahad mind”
Slobodan River “Surrounded”
“A girl in a push up bra” video clip
 “One last dance ” video clip
“Confession” ( Viani DJ Club ) (Vj Tony Video Mix) video clip
“The Doll” Live in Tähed muusikas 17.01.2009
“One last dance” Eesti laul 2009
 “Hopa’pa-rei” Eesti laul 2011 (video clip!!)

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