Jana Kask

Jana Kask (1991) is a popular Estonian pop singer with a powerful voice and very estimated for the public of her country. With great charisma she is one of the artists with more future and international projection.

For my opinion, Jana is one of the artists with a more promising future in the music world in Estonia. These young talents will be the future of music in this country. I think you’re born with this energy and talent is very difficult if you do not believe in this profession artist trying to reach and conquer the musical world of your country. But also take much effort and sacrifice. This is what has made Jana.


Jana won the second season of Eesti otsib superstaari –Estonia’s version of Pop Idol- in 2008 with sixteen years old and while she was studying in Tallinn’s school Juhkentali Gümnaasiumi. In the final she competed against Arno Suislep a great Estonian talent too. Jana imposed himself to Arno with 52,9 % of the votes. The prize was 100.000 Kr and a contract was of recording for the first album. Jana’s great career begins!.

In October, 2008 Janna realeased the first single: It calls “Leaving you for me” and is realized by the Swedish producers Tony Malm, Per Eklund and Fredrik Björk. Also there collaborates the German singer Martin Kesici who has big hits as “Angel of Berlin”. It was a cover of the original song sung by Tarja Turunen and Martin Kesici. For taste of many people the version of Jana was much better than the original one. The whole beginning triumfal for the young star.

The following single of the album were “Dirty on the dancefloor” and was realized feat Estonian DJ Gash Mo. In December, 2009 there was released the Jana’s first album that was including all the previous singles with MIG music. A brilliant album rock that compiles diverse musical styles, from the hard rock until to pop and some ballads. It was called “Face in the mirror”.

The principal song of the album that gives name “Face in the mirror” realized by Niclas Lundin is a real superhit to the purely “Gothic metal” style good guitars and Jana’s powerful voice… a real song number 1 and with very much success in the Baltic countries. In this album there were 10 songs in English and 3 in Estonian (Estonian version of 3 songs in English) what indicates an interest for an international projection of the artist.

She has presented her songs in diverse occasions to the “Eesti laul” the national final for Eurovision. In the year 2010 her song “It’s too late” unjustly not was selected between the songs semifinalists. The song was a ballad rock very good but this year the selection for the Eesti laul was disappointing. This song also was included in her first album.

In the year 2011 the song “Don’t want anything” stayed in fourth position. The song realized by Jana and music by Jakko Maltis was very different from the previous year. In this occasion the song was very soft with a sweet melody of piano: quite prepared to make thrill the spectator.

Jana returns with new big hits now with Latvia producer Microphone Records: in this occasion a song sung in Estonian “Hoia mind veel” in may and in October with “Feel the vibe” song realized for V. Kollom and T. Lindret… an electronic song since my I like to it!… thank you Jana for this new style … it has come to me to the heart!… because the purpose in the one that began this web was of electronic music.

She combines perfectly her style more rock to which she has us more accustomed with the electronic music or classic music since also we have seen her to sing in some contest. This artist dares with all the musical styles!… We wait soon for Jana’s new album. While she continues her concerts with normality. 

February 23, 2012: Today in the channel in youtube of Janna appear her first video clip. She itself communicates it to me as novelty. The video corresponds to her new single “Anno domini”. A marvellous video where there is snow, Jana’s nice hairdoes, a certain melancholy air with a nice electronic song… Perfect Jana!, thank you for this new video that enriches furthermore the talent of the singers of Estonia.


“Face in the mirror” 2009


Jana & Cram “Swamped”

Eesti otsib superstaari 2008 TV3 S02E19_4

“Face in the mirror” live at Eesti otsib superstaari 2009 final

“It’s too late” Live in Eurolugu 2010 (Reporter)

“I don’t want anything” Eesti laul 2011

“Feel the vibe” Live in Latvia



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