Janne Saar

Janne Saar (1986) belonged to the juvenile group band Nexus, together with Merlyn Uusküla and Helen Randmäe, of great success in Estonia (to see information in the band Nexus).
After the ending of the band in the year 2006, every artist continued your career in solitarily. Though the beginnings always they are difficult Janne’s career has begun with energy.
 The first single was in October, 2006 and 4 followed him more during 2007. Your first album in solitary was “Millist armastust” where the single of the same name is a slow song with a fund of notable guitar acts Peter Ross’s. Another single that was including the album was “Shiny lights” song in english that very good reception had had between the public. The author of the song was the great composer of Estonia Dj Whirl and in the single also other versions could listen to mix of the single.
When it went out to the sale the single of “Shiny lights” was including also the video clip of the song, as the big international artists. In my opinion this video of Janne and the videos of Vanilla Ninja are the best videos made by artists from Estonia. 
The year 2007 was very complete since in November the album edited “Janne unejutud” fairytale CD for children.
During the year 2008 the following singles were: “Teemant” -Diamond- and “Palun jää” that have had also good reception in the public. In my opinion “Teemant” is the Janne’s best melodic song up to the moment.
In the Eurolaul of 2009 a video took part with the song “Too good for you” with one polemic video clip in what there was felt that she was killing his couple. She not managing to represent Estonia in the Eurovision 2009. With the energy of Janne and your great talent your future will be full of big professional successes.
August 2010: Janne wrote a song with Vahur Valgmaa for a new Estonian artist Mia. Do not lost this new song that will have guaranteed success! Super hit!. Janne too have new song and new video with a image yet more sexy “In a dream”. Enjoy it this soft song!!.
December 2010: A bad news for Janne. One of the songs of her had been chosen by the juror for the final phase of the Eesti laul 2011. Janne’s song “Meeting the wolf” has been eliminated from the competition because, according to the organization, had a version of this song in September on the Internet. Let’s hope that Janne forgets rapidly this incident and returns to the work with the same enthusiasm and inspiration of always.
February, 18 2012: Janne returned to be chosen between 159 aspirants for the Eesti laul 2012. Her song “Fight for love” was very animated, balanced well and had an interesting putting in scene. The song was one of my favorites for the first semi-final of the Eesti laul. Incomprehensibly the song could not be between 5 songs selected by the final of March 3. I do not understand anything but… I hope that this does not affect emotionally Janne. Probably this type of shows will not be most adapted for her and there will be necessary to think some another way of improving itself out of her country. You can see closely the whole evolution of the Eesti laul 2012 in this link: https://pep1000.wordpress.com/about/eesti-laul-2012/
Look at the interview to Janne an exclusive for Pep1000 channel
“Millist armastust”
“Janne unejutud”
“Shiny lights”
“Teemant” by pep1000
“Too good for you” live in TV Show Paar
 “Too good for you” Live in Eesti laul 2009

 “In a dream” (From official Janne’s channel in youtube planetjanne)

Janne Saar medley by pep1000

Mia “Ingel Mu Kõrval” (V.Valgmaa, J.Saar/J.Saar)

Janne Saar Featuring Laika Virgin “Me Näeme Veel”

“Fight for love” Eesti laul 2012 

Janne in MySpace

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    • Little by little she will manage to be a great international star. For Janne is more important that you enjoy her music… the fame is secondary!!

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