Laura Põldvere

Laura Põldvere (1988)  is one of the artists most known about Estonia and more loved by the public. Her nice and perfected voice do that Laura could recover different musical styles.
She began your public musical career in the Eurolaul 2005, where she competed with two songs. In solitary she sang “Moonwalk”, with which she obtained the second position.
On the other hand participation with the feminine group Suntribe gave to her the victory and with she managed to represent to Estonia in Eurovision. The song “Let’s Get Loud”, did not manage to pass to the final of the festival. Both songs were produced by the genious Sven Lõhmus. Sven mixed two styles: In the first one a slow and soft song and in the second one a juvenile song and to dance.


After the ending of the band Suntribe, five girls components of the band have realized careers in solitarily. Please to see page on Suntribe 
In 2007 she returned to the Eurolaul with the song “Sunflowers” also produced by Sven, with the one that obtained the third place. The song was alternating a good melody techno with Laura’s sweet voice. In the bass-drums there is Hele-Riin Uib, powerful percussion that already we know her energy in the band “Blacky”.
Your first and great awaited album “Muusa” (that was gathering all the previous songs) appeared in September, 2008 and had great success in the public. The album is a mixture of styles: from Sven’s classic and interesting techno to songs more to the soul style or to the black music as “Lunatic” or “Lihtsad Asjad”. All these slower songs seem that Laura still has very well.
A very happy moment for Laura’s professional life was when she gained in april, 2008 the awards for being the best feminine artist of the year in Estonia (Aasta Naisartist) and for the best album of the year “Muusa” (Aasta album) in Estonia. A just and well-deserved prize to an intense professional work!.
For third time Laura returned to present in the Eurolaul of 2009 (this time called Eesti Laul) with the song “Destiny” and managed of new the third position. Laura turns more techno that never. A putting in futurist scene and a trepidant song techno dances suitable age for the fans of Sven’s typical music. Unfortunately, she could not represent Estonia in the festival of Eurovision 2009.

In December, 2009 there has appeared the Laura’s second album called “Ultra”. It seems that in the principal song “Ultra” that gives name to the album, is different that in “Muusa”. The techno dance it is not so strong and the principal refrain of the song is accompanied of violins, which so good result gave to Sven Lõhmus with “Urban Symphony”. It has been a good idea to include the song of “Destiny” of the Eesti laul 2009 in the album (it is the only song in English of the whole album). But in my modest opinion “Muusa” it is an album in general much better than “Ultra”.

It would emphasize “Kustuta kuuvalgus” soft song very perfected with light and guessed right music that immediately catches the attention of the spectator. Though it has a long duration (5 minutes) the time it happens very fast with the magic of this song. Evidently (june 2011) this song has been Laura’s new single but with stronger and not so velvet version.


We wait eagerly for new big successes for Laura in a nearby future. She has so many musical qualities and has so many musical records that any musical kind is good for her. For her it turns out to be easy from the jazz to the electronic music. Few artists can do this!.

Last news: December, 12 2011. Laura has presented (with new look!) the new single of her next album in the program in Estonian TV “Tantsud Tähtega”. It is called “2020” and supports as always the level for that always we wait in her. Do not be since it is possible to do this!. Sven’s new creation that combines different musical styles and Laura’s nice and fresh voice… brilliant!



“Moonwalk” Live in Eurolaul 2005

“Sunflowers” Live in Eurolaul 2007

“Muusa” Live at Aastahitt2007
“Lihtsad Asjad”
“Dindi” live in Kahes Taktis

Laura, Black Velvet, Mari-Leen (Live Eesti Muusikaauhinnad 2008)

“Destiny” Live in Eurolaul 2009

11 comments on “Laura Põldvere

  1. Hi, I’ve found you on Facebook. Unfortunately I’m not from Estonia. But I adore your Estonian music.
    Laura Põldvere is my most favourite girl-singer. Her voice is unusual and suurepärane. Just a week ago I heard her song “Südasuve rohtunud teed”. It’s surely her best thing!
    And your page here is väga huvitav. Thanks!

    • It makes me happy to know that you like my channel!. I try to spread the music of Estonia and of my artists preferred for the people who cannot live in these countries could enjoy your music.

  2. The 2nd album is awesome . . . i love kustuta kuuvalgus so much !! Do you know where can i buy this album (CD format not MP3) ?

  3. Dude!!! Where did you find these videos???? I have been scouring the internet for Laura videos for months. I am a HUGE fan. I want so much to buy her stuff legally. I will check out the links you gave.

    • It’s hard to buy videos of Laura … because there are no videos for Laura to be sold …. the only solution is to expect any performance by Laura on TV, then recorded and put on the internet and shared with colleagues ….

      • I meant I would like to buy her music legally but I can’t find a way to do it short of traveling to another country.

      • Do you live outside of Estonia? I bought the CD in “” and mp3 in “” … are the only online store where you can buy with VISA International…

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