Ly Lumiste

For information of the previous band of Ly Lumiste to see please the page “Nightlight duo” in this same channel

After the ending of “Nightlight duo” Ly continues her career in solitarily alternating with some performance in the band “Mr. Happyman” in that also Sven Lõhmus forms a part. There is precisament Sven Lõhmus, her first producer, administrator of the label “Moonwalk” who jobs with Ly.


Her solo career has been based sometimes on making new versions of a song from her previous band “Nightlight duo” as “Jäljed liival” version 2006, songs produced by Sven Lõhmus, songs sung with other bands or singles included in compilation albums of songs.

Highlight the following songs: “Täna ohtul” included in compilation “Sugishitt 2005”, “Üle moistuse” included in “Suvehitt 2005”, “The sun of summer” with Blue Dragon hit included in “Kevadhitt 2005”, “Liiga hea” included in “Talvehitt 2006”, “Helesinine laguun” (2006), with Beergrass band in “Jõuluaeg saabub” and “Pidu”-Party for two- cover Shania Twain’s song included in “Rahvahitt 3”, or Club Bizarre” (2007) included in “Talvehitt 2008”.

We expect impatiently another great theme of Ly!. Ly is one of the best singers of Estonia and she inspired love in all Estonia with her sweet voice… it is a question of time!.

Currently with the band “Mr. Happyman” Ly with Sven Lõhmus, his brother Sulev Lõhmus and Maris Üksti run through all the clubs and discos in Estonia with your greatest hits. “Mr Happyman” is the current band of pop-electronic music of Sven Lõhmus and Ly is a member of the band since its inception. Please to see page “Mr Happyman” in this channel

November 2011: I want to emphasize Ly’s last single called “Kell seisma jääb”. A real superhit composed by Risto Rebane (please see page Vaike Hannust and interview in this link and Raido Lilleberg. It is a real pleasure for the senses Ly’s new song with this so high level… Undoubtedly this single will be one of the most listened songs and I believe that it will be a great hit. This electronic admirable melody and Ly’s so soft voice close to this real musical spectacle… only it can take pleasure to the spectator. I have congratulated to Risto for this new great song and to you Ly… I ask you to continue us making the life happy with songs as this one. Only you can transmit a song like that!.

You can buy this wonderful song here:ääb



Ly Lumiste “Helesinine Laguun”


Ly Lumiste, Merka, Piret Järvis & Lenna Kuurmaa Live in Tahed Muusikas -april 2009- 

PS Troika & Ly Lumiste “Egiptuse liivad”

Mr Happyman “Suveparadiis” 

Mr Happyman “Pilvede peal”

Mr Happyman “Megamix” Bravo klubis (Pärnu) oktoober 2010

(More videos where Ly appears in page “Nightlight duo”)

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