Mari-leen Kaselaan

Mari-leen Kaselaan (1987) is a complete Estonian pop artist, winner of numerous awards and with a lot of experience in the scenes. One of the most popular artists and most Estonian promising.

After her step without too much importance for the band “Ekvivalent” she unitedly with Laura Poldvere, Rebecca Kontus, Jaanika Vilipo and Daana Ots formed the band “Suntribe”. With Sven Lohmus’s help the song “Let’s get loud” managed to gain the Eurolaul 2005 and to represent Estonia in Eurovision in Kiev. They did not manage to pass to the final of the festival. If the song had obtained a better position probably Mari-leen’s career  had been different. After the ending of the band Suntribe, five girls components of the band have realized careers in solitarily (to look at Suntribe’s page in this channel) 

Mari-leen’s first great single hit was “Rahutu Tuhkatriinu” a cover of the song “Levoton Tuhkimo” of the Finnish band Dingo. This first disc that took also the name of the single was an important success in Estonia and appeared in December, 2006. The album in general has a marked tone of rock and the electrical guitar is the fundamental piece of the songs. 

In two years 2006 and 2007 is when she obtains numerous awards and they place Mari-leen in the elite of the pop in Estonia: Radio 2 Aastahitt 2006 “Best Newcomer”, Estonian Music Awards 2006 “Best New Act”, Kuldne Plaat 2007 “Best Female Artist” and Kuldne Plaat 2007 “Best New Act”. 


On the other hand in your second album, Sven Lohmus thought for Mari-Leen a sudden change in her style, returning to the good music techno trance to that we are accustomed. The first single called “1987” us resembles the music disc of the eighties (and the year in what she was born) and it rose strongly in the lists of discs of Estonia. The singles followed him “Printsess” and “Elektrisinises”. But probably the best song techno of the whole disc is “Randy Davis”, soft song dance with a good melody. I can hear often this song and continue having the same pleasure that the first day. Do not be since songs like that can be done!.

Let’s hope that the professional career of her will be more extensive and full of big songs. With Sven’s ingenuity the good music is guaranteed and with Mari-leen’s talent and beautiful voice… success is assured! 


“Rahutu Tuhkatriinu” 
“Suure Linna Inglid”
“Rahutu Tuhkatriinu”
“Mari-leen medley”

Laura, Black Velvet, Mari-Leen (Live Eesti Muusikaauhinnad 2008)

“Erakondne Armuleek” -Elektrisinises- version live in ERISAADE 

One comment on “Mari-leen Kaselaan

  1. 1987 and rahutu tuhkatriinu are two beautifuls albums . . .I wait her 3rd album !! My favorite songs are Aeg , Siis kui sind ei olnud , kiirteel and suure linna inglid

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