Mari-Liis Aasmäe

Mari-Liis Aamäe (1988) is one of the best Estonian artists at this moment and one of the singers with major future. Though she is very young still, Mari-Liis has a wide professional career for years and looks at the future with a lot of energy, talent and desire of triumphing furthermore in the music… and I believe that she is qualified to do it!.

One day I saw a video of her when she had twelve years in “Ding-dige-dong Laulukarussell 2000″… from so young she already was demonstrating her musical qualities… It is admirable!. The whole life dedicated to the music!. In her web page she explains to us some information more of her very interesting biography but in Estonian. A life fills of effort and sacrifices.

Since she finished her work in the year 2007 together with Taisi Pettai in the popular juvenile duo “Dynamint” in a career replete with successes, her career in solitary she has obtained with a lot of effort and witness, soloists of reference placed between the women in this country. Please, to see Dynamint’s page in this channel

Good part of this success has been due to what to part of Mari-liis’s innate talent she has known of surrounding itself with a good team of professionals in the music world: Two nice and good dancers (Teele Alas and Kaisa Tillo), musicians and composers of prestige in her country: DJ Whirl, Vahur Valgmaa, Gunnar Viibus… a good campaign of marketing: a wonderful web… all these factors place her between the rather placed ones in the ranking of the Estonian pop electronic.

The different singles have been happening one behind other one, with major or minor success but always to impress the listener: Mari-Liis feat Dj Whirl “Varjud”, “Illusioon” (2009) and “Deja Vu” (2010), “Tõbine”, “Ingel” (2010) all with label Blaya Music.

For my best song it is “Varjud”: an interesting melody, electronic relaxed music and with Mari-Liis’s nice voice it does that the listener enjoys the song and has desire of hearing it again and again.

In the year 2010 after graduating in the University, Mari-Liis go a season to Hawaii, probably to relax, to change environment and to prosper with a new culture.

In 2011 they have been the collaborations with V. Valgmaa and DJ IMTB. The single is “Kevadel” and “Lootuse puiesteel”. Since always we have surprised Vahur with a nice electronic song adapted to her musical style.

Probably we would lack that she will edit finally an album that will compile all these previous songs… it would be a point of inflexion in her career and finally it would have placed her career in solitarily with an interesting album of reference forced in the electronic/dance music.

If you notice I have come hitherto without speaking not even a word of the beauty of Mari-Liis and of her dancers. A survey in April, 2007 they were placing her as one of the singer more sexy in her country. Her professional career prevents us from speaking about other aspects… then no need to say anything!.


Mari-Liis we wish you good luck in the near future and full of new greatest hits!.

Look the interview in exclusive to Mari-Liis Aasmäe for Pep1000 channel


“Varjud” (2009)

“Ingel” (2010)

“Kevadel” (2011)

Mari-Liis feat Planeet “Uni”

“Lootuse puiesteel” (2011)


” Tuhandeid Soove” Live in Tähed muusikas 02/14/2009

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