Interview to Mari-Liis Aasmäe

Mari-Liis Aasmäe: “Music is and always will be my passion!”

May 22, 2012. Mari-Liis Aasmäe has the amiability to grant a small interview for all the friends of Pep1000 channel. Thanks Mari-Liis!!

Pep1000: What do you think that someone who lives to 3.000 km from Estonia should be precisely the administrator of a channel of spreading of the Estonian music in english?

Mari-Liis: I think it’s great! It’s good to know that people who live so far can and want to hear Estonian music and that it means them something. That means lot to me too!

Pep1000: Internet has made possible that great people know Estonian music from the whole world… but many people say to me that they have problems to buy music of Estonian singers from out of Estonia (They can not pay with foreign credit card, the store no sends orders outside of Estonia…) There were not prepared the Estonian stores for this revolution?

Mari-Liis: I can’t comment about it so precisely, because I’m not that familiar with that problem. It is very sad, but I believe that will change someday. Really hope so!

Pep1000: I knew you in your old band “Dynamint” in a video of Lenna Kuurmaa and Piret Järvis at “Tähed muusikas” singing “you got a friend”. At that time you were very young and a little timid… are the initial years of youth!. Being so young is it difficult to enter the world of professional music?

Mari-Liis: I love music and singing has been always in my life. I started singing when I was 5 years old and I haven’t stopped and hopefully will never stop. Dynamint was very good challence to get much experience and I am using that experience today. That all has made me that person who I am. I guess that it’s pretty difficult to enter the world of professional music but it’s important to believe in yourself and make your dreams come true.

Pep1000: – “Tulen sinuga” is a song unique… “Veel ja veel”, “Tormitudrukud”… Dynamint was a different band, singing ballads like dance songs. What is your favorite song at this stage of your career?

Mari-Liis: My favourite was and still is “Tulen Sinuga”. Great song!

Pep1000: Was operating a website  a long time it was called It seems that you were about to embark on an expansion in Germany… What happened?

Mari-Liis: I have still some very good and loyal fans in Germany and they are supporting my solo-career now. We also had one performance there with Dynamint and that was fun!

Pep1000: In a golden age for Estonian pop music band girls, why finalized “dynamint”? You wanted to start a solo career?

Mari-Liis: To me it’s important to develop and that was the reason why I wanted to start a solo career and make my own music. Dynamint was good experience but it was time to move on.

Pep1000: Are hard the beginnings of a solo career? I deeply admire an artist when he/she does this step… Is it difficult for an Estonian artist to be famous in the world of the music? Do you believe that if you had born in another country it would be much easier?

Mari-Liis: That depends on a person. To me it’s not that important to be famous or known worldwide. I just want to make the music I like and enjoy all the good feelings what come along with this. I am doing my solo career on my own and that needs a lot of dedication and perseverance. I think that when I had born in another country, it would maybe be easier to be known worldwide but I love Estonia and the sound of Estonian language.

Pep1000: All these singles (Varjud, deja vu…) will be on an album/CD? Much enjoy having a CD in my hand with all these singles… Dj Whirl, V. Valgmaa… Estonia’s best composers of all together!

Mari-Liis: I really hope that someday it will come true. I am working on that! 🙂

Pep1000: Do you plan to sing a song in english? Do you plan to make a video clip of any song of yours? as I’d like to see in action in another video clip… from “Klubi paradiis” I have not seen…

Mari-Liis: Yes, I will soon make a song in English. But my first priority is to sing in Estonian language to be close to my homecountry and the fans I have here. But you will hear me singing a song in english soon. At the moment I am working on a track what will come out in estonian and english language. I am  also planning a video but it’s hard to say when it will be ready. But definitely in this year!

Pep1000: I see you have many performances and this requires time and dedication… Can you devote yourself exclusively to music? Or do you have any other work?

Mari-Liis: There is a saying in Estonian: The more a person does, the more he is able to do. I am an active person and I have also other work to make a living. But music is and always will be my passion!

Pep1000: Many Estonian artists try every year to qualify for the “Eesti laul”. I do not know if you’ve ever been… because we every year only know the selected. Do you think to go to the contest in the future? Is “Eesti laul” the door of entry in Europe for Estonian artists?

Mari-Liis: I like this contest. It gives great opportunity to different singers. Every year we see new good musicians and singers. I would like to participate in “Eesti laul” someday. We’ll see what may come 🙂

Pep1000: – Finally I would like you to say something to someone still do not know and wants to know your work. Thanks for your words and your time!. We hope yours work with great interest!

Mari-Liis: My official website is all new people  who have intrest to my music can hear my songs there. Josep, it is very admirable what you do to spread estonian music around the world. I wish there was more people like you! Thank you so much for your support! I wish you all the best!.

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