Marit Mittal

Marit Mittal (1991) is one of the new young promises in the Estonian pop and I believe that she has a great professional future insured in the musical world.

It is necessary in the music that the artist attracts your public, with nice songs, nice voice and a physical suitable attraction… but probably in the music there are too many nice faces and little talent… Marit is one of the best tests that the beauty without talent is not a good companion to triumph in the music world.

Her beginnings as reporter in the factory of talents of the Estonian TV Kanal 2 this took her to him rapidly to the fame and in December, 2009 exactly when Marit was doing 18 years she released her first album called  “Mmm… Marit” edited with the Estonian label Technoir. This great album contains 10 songs written by one of the best European composer, producer and DJ, the German Roger P. Shah. The songs were translated into the Estonian by Mariann Joonas and produced by Hando Tonumaa and Vallo Kikas and all this together with Marit’s nice voice… the whole luxury for this first album that has struck strongly in me.

The first singles of this album already were enough successful in Estonia. They were “Eksinud” Estonian version of “Lost” and “Kes mind leiaks” Estonian version of “Who will find me” one of the songs that have made Roger P. Shah more famous. I have to say in Marit’s benefit that her version of the latter song is much better than the original one in English sung by Adrina Thorpe. I see that Marit’s voice fits perfectly in the melody of the song and for my it is much better, more adapted to this musical style.

After this great album, Marit constant faithful to her musical style, while she is employed at Kanal 2 and in August, 2011 Marit released her new work. In this occasion the single takes 4 versions of her new song “Naised Marsilt, Mehed Veenuselt” with Jimmy Thornfeldt’s original lyrics. Good song and well interpreted by Marit!.

Yet there is slightly material in Internet for Marit. Let’s hope that brief we could see her in television shows or in concerts recorded with television camera.

We want new professional successes for her and shortly to enjoy new songs! Good luck Marit!

Look the interview in exclusive to Marit Mittal for Pep1000 channel


“Mmm… Marit” (2009)


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