Interview to Marit Mittal

Marit Mittal: “I think the ‘becoming a pop star’ part has been different for every girl in there, but “Reporter” has helped my career a lot too”

August, 21, 2012. Marit Mittal has the amiability to grant a small interview for all the friends of Pep1000 channel. Thanks Marit!!

Pep1000: Marit we will begin this small interview with two questions that answer our all interviewed. What do you think that someone who lives to 3.000 km from Estonia should be precisely the administrator of a channel of spreading of the Estonian music in english?

Marit Mittal: I think it’s wonderful, when someone so far away is interested in a small country like Estonia and our music.

Pep1000: Internet has made possible that great people know your work from the whole world… but many people say to me that they have problems to buy music of Estonian singers from out of Estonia. For example in “Beatnet” or “lasering” it is not possible to pay from the foreigner if you do not have Estonian credit card; in the Estonian Ebay “” you cannot register if you do not live in Estonia… There were not prepared the Estonian stores for this revolution?

Marit Mittal: Hmm… I think Music Business in Estonia is very much digital, you can buy my album for example here: And many artist sell their music in iTunes. Also – it is a rising trend to give your music for free and lot of Estonian artists are sharing their mysic for free over the internet. A band from the same record company as me also does that –

Pep1000: Marit sorry if any of the questions that I make are obvious but… from outside Estonia and not understanding your language too… sometimes we do not receive exactly what happens… Our first personal question and I think many people are wondering is… How do you become a pop star? Other presenters girls of “Reporter” too are great musical stars: Kairit Tuhkanen, Grete Klein…

Marit Mittal: Well… It was pure luck for me. My friend went to an audition and asked me to come with her. The producer loved me and offered me a record contract. I must say, I was in seventh heaven at that time – I could’t belive it. I joined “Reporter” about a year or two after my first album. I think the “becoming a pop star” part has been different for every girl in there, but “Reporter” has helped my career a lot too.

Pep1000: In this first album since already it happened with the Niki’s first one has been a high level of music techno/dance unusually… How do you think of this idea of making this first album? Why did it put on this title so sensual “Mmm Marit”?

Marit Mittal: The producers just had an idea of making DJ Shah’s music in estonian, to bring the music closer to Estonians. I aparently I was the right girl for it. Hahaa, I guess the title is sensual, but so am I .

Pep1000: Your version in Estonian of “Who will find me” in my opinion is better than the original one composed by Roger P. Shah. Had you a very difficult challenge? Who translated and adapted the songs to Estonian?

Marit Mittal: Thank you. My version is still composed by Roger P. Shah, but just has a fresh touch from my producers. I myself very much like the original version too. The translation was made by lyricist Mariann Joonas.

Pep1000: Is it difficult for an Estonian artist to be famous in the world of the music? Do you believe that if your you had born in another country it would be much easier?

Marit Mittal: There are world famous Estonian musicians, so it’s not impossible. I don’t think it matters, where you are born. I’d like to become known outside of Estonia too, but it is always easier to start with your own country. And it is much easier for an Estonian to become famous in Estonia then for an American to become known in the States…

Pep1000: “Naised Marsilt, Mehed Veenuselt” will it form a part of a next album? What can you say to us of your next songs?

Marit Mittal: At the moment I am consentrating on my other project SunBerryz, so my second solo album is on hold.

Pep1000: Will you incorporate some video clip in some song? Already you know that the video clips are very important for the marketing of a song… an image costs more than thousand words! I did a simple video for you with images “Kes mind leiaks” in my channel… but you are not!

Marit Mittal: My producers have also made some simple videos for me, but we thought of making more professional ones with the second album. But if you would like to see me in a video, then the Sunberryz first video just came out:

Pep1000: Every year numerous Estonian artists try to gain the Eesti laul to represent to his country in Eurovision. I do not know if you have presented any song at some time because only we know every year the songs that have qualified. Will you try to go some year to this contest?. Is Eesti laul the door of Europa’s entry for a singer?

Marit Mittal: I haven’t presented any songs yet, but maybe in the future. I think it can be a door, if you choose to use it. But in the end a big record company can help you more than a Eurovision Song Contest. But it would be an honour of course to represent your country .

Pep1000: We see you together with the master Sven, Tambet, and Grete Klein in the castings of the show TV “Sunberrys”. For what singer’s profile are you looking in this television program? This new facet of “juror” has been difficult for you in a television program?

Marit Mittal: We were looking for new members for our band Sunberryz. It was mostly fun, but also difficult. It is hard to critizise…

Pep1000: Do you know in your country some web platform of “Crowdfunding”? It is to say a web place that by means of donations the public can finance albums or artists’ tours. Do you believe that this method is a good idea? This can facilitate many singers to doing an album.

Marit Mittal: Actually there is a brand new site for it,, but it is local, so it’s in Estonian. I think it is a very very good idea indeed!

Pep1000: Finally I would like you to say something to someone who does not know you still and wants to know your work. Thanks for your words and your time!. We hope new songs with great interest!

Marit Mittal: Hi, I am Marit from Estonia and my first passion in life is singing. You can check my music out at under bio or just subscribe to me personally and always be updated with my newest music.

Thanks for interesting quiestions!

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