Merlyn Uusküla

After the ending of the band Nexus in the year 2006 (please to see information in the band Nexus), Merlyn Uüskula (nickname Merka) has continued your career in solitarily. She has realized good songs but the Merka’s first awaited album will come in 2010.

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The first singles of Merka were: “Tahan öelda sul” that was included in the compilation “Talvehitt 2008”  and “Soovin sulle head” with an interesting melody and good refrain.

In the summer of 2009 Merka is the leading vocal of the band of girls called “Merka & Harem”. Four girls accompany to Merka in the band dancing creating an agreeable and nice atmosphere to the songs writed by Merka.

One of the principal characteristics of Merka’s songs is the variety of musical styles: from the force of the guitars in the final version of “Iga Kord”, of tropical or Latin style like “Mis arvad sa” until to the perfect synthesizer of “Igaühel”.


February 2010: The last news on Merka says that she could not have classified it by the final of the “Eesti laul 2010” where 155 candidates appeared. Unjustly your song “Iga Kord” -your next single- it has not been selected by the juror by the final. Let’s hope that this bad news does not concern the energy and Merka’s vitality.

In autumn is the first album of Merka and she appears with her real name Merlyn Uusküla. We are waiting for this great moment with great impatience and I think the album will be successful. So far her new singles for the summer 2010 are “Ihuuksi” a song that reaches the level we all expected and with a catchy tune that immediately grabs the listener and “Vabaks lastud lind” soft song with good melody and a nice guitar accompaniment. Merka now accompany their performances in two beautiful dancers who were already with her in “Merka & Harem” Susanna Bock and Keit Laisaar.

Merlyn’s first album (Ihuüksi) will be 27 october 2010 in stores!!. The album will include great themes such as: “Soovin sulle head”, “Vabaks lastud lind” and “Ihuüksi” and this album will be one of the best selling in Estonia. Good luck on this first album!!  

Kriitika albumile Ihuüksi (in Eesti keele)

Pärast Merlyni esimese albumi põhjalikku analüüsi võin öelda, et “Ihuüksi” hõlmab endas erinevaid muusikalähenemise lahendusi, instrumentide mitmekesisust, rohkeid romantilisi nüansse, häid meloodiaid ning puhast õnne paljudes teemades. Suurepärased palad nagu “Vabaks lastud lind” või “Su igatsus”, võimsad süntesaatorid loos “Nii palju anda”, oivaline “Ootan sind venuses”, meeldejäävad meloodiad nagu klassikaline “Ihuüksi” või “Soovin sulle head”, või kuulsate DJ’de erinevate lugude remixid, teevad sellest albumist unikaalse toote Eesti muusika maastikul. “Ihuüksi” on kindlasti valmis olemaks Eesti selle aasta parim album.

May 2011. There is a new single from Merlyn together the prestigious German DJ Marc Van Linden. Sympathetically the song is called 2night” and is a very powerful song with good chorus and melody very good. We are looking forward to the new greatest hits of this extraordinary singer!.

July, 2011: I believe that Merlyn’s international recognition has begun. The interesting song “2night” together with the German producer Marc Van Linden has to be Merlyn’s expansion for Europe. In addition a nice video has joined for the first time. Good luck Merlyn!. Europe waits for you!.

Look at the interview to Merlyn Uusküla an exclusive for Pep1000 channel


   “Ihuüksi” (oct. 2010)


Song: Iga Kord

Song: Soovin sulle head

Song: Tahan oelda sul

Song: Igaühel

Song: Ihuuksi IMTB remix (30″)


“Mis arvad sa?” Live in Tahed muusikas

Merka and others (Ly Lumiste, Piret Järvis & Lenna Kuurmaa) Live in Tahed Muusikas -april 2009-

“Soovin sulle head”

“Iga Kord” 

 “Iga kord” Live in Eurolugu 2010 “”   

“Iga Kord” final version

Laulud Tähtedega 2010 video by pep1000

Album “Ihuüksi” video promo

“Ootan sind venuses”

Merlyn Uusküla “Su igatsus”


“Ihuüksi Tour 2010” The best moments!

July 2011: “2night” Video clip (from Merlyn Official in youtube!!) 

 Merlyn Uusküla Official Site in Facebook    

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