Interview to Merlyn Uusküla

Merlyn Uusküla:  “Estonian people love when singers sings in our language”

August, 1, 2012. Merlyn Uusküla has the amiability to grant a small interview for all the friends of Pep1000 channel. Thanks Merlyn!!

Pep1000: What do you think that someone who lives to 3.000 km from Estonia should be precisely the administrator of a channel of spreading of the Estonian music in english?

Merlyn: I think this is really cool, that Estonian music has so great and creative fan from Spain. Estonian singers are mostly focused to Estonia. Home pages and articles are also in Estonian language. So –  this is awesome that we have one international fan, who promotes Estonian music in English speaking channels.

Pep1000: Internet has made possible that great people know your work from the whole world… but many people say to me that they have problems to buy music of Estonian singers from outside Estonia (many stores no accepted credit card of out of Estonia, clients of the foreigner are not accepted…) What do you think about this?

Merlyn: Hmm… okey! I didn’t know that there is a problem 🙂

Pep1000: After finishing a former band of very much success it has been difficult you to do your career in solitarily? Are beginnings hard?

Merlyn: I think all beginnings are hard. For me was solo career after Nexus next step and I made lot of work to get knom as Merlyn Uusküla. Now I’m really happy that it happens successfully! 🙂

Pep1000: In a small critique that I did on your first album “Ihuüksi” I said that the disc has very varied style: songs pop, dance, romantic, hip hop… Do not you want that the people classify under one only his musical kind? Will not you incline in a future forthe only style?

Merlyn: Yes, my album varies with songs, but I think it was good. Its’ boring, if all your songs are in the same style and tempo. Keyword is pop music and all my songs were pop songs in that album 🙂 

Pep1000: My favorite song is”Vabaks lastud lind”: a very deep song, a very guessed right melody and a wonderful guitar… I get excited strongly whenever I hear this song! How can you express these feelings in the songs? Merlyn and V. Valgmaa are the perfect team?

Merlyn: Thank you! This is also one of my fav. songs from that album. It’s deep and soulful. Melody and words are working together.

Pep1000: Your wonderful collaborators dancers Keit and Susanna always help to do a nice spectacle… does much do that you know them?

Merlyn: We are good team! Like a family. We have become good friends to each other.

Pep1000: Though already you have fans abroad… Do you surprise that there are many people who knows your work from out of Estonia? Internet can do miracles…

Merlyn: Actually I have no idea, how many fans do I have outside from Estonia 🙂 Sometimes somebody writes letters, but not often. I think, most fans are from Finland, because Estonians who lives in Finland, they spread Estonian music there.

Pep1000: In the radios of my country only I hear as foreign language in the music the english. I have verified that the language is not a problem since you have fans distributed all over the world and many people do not deal the Estonian… Will I be able to hear you some day in the radio of my country? On what factors do they depend the international export of the music?

Merlyn: When singer is focused to Estonian market, then mostly they sing in Estonian language. Estonian people love when singers sings in our language. If artist has international plans, then of course they sing in English. Its not impossible that one day I start singing in English also 🙂

Pep1000: Will we see you in some new show of television? We enjoy very much seeing your performs in “Laulud Tähtedega”. I suppose that this show also I increase much more your popularity…

Merlyn: Yes, for sure. Right now I’m moving to France (one year), but after that I have big plans with my career. This what I have done, is not enough! 🙂 

Pep1000: Eesti laul is a great opportunity for the Estonian artists. Still I remember “Iga kord” a real hit that did not qualify by the final… Will you try to appear another year? Is it an experience useful to do it? We have seen that clearly not always the best song is the one that wins…

Merlyn: It depends of taste. People and jury don’t have the same taste every time 🙂 So – what shall we do… 🙂

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