The young singer MIA is one of better new talents in the Estonian pop music and with better professional future. In these last two years of her professional musical life, the Mia’s singles they have been a success assured in the Estonian charts radios.

I knew Mia (1987) with her first single “Ingel mu kõrval”. Part of the song there was written and composed by Janne Saar one of my favorite artists and by V. Valgmaa famous composer in Estonia. I listened to the song and me opinion was that it was a real number 1. It is not possible to begin better a musical career. There are singers who never manage to do a song as this one: good melody, harmony, very guessed lyrics, very melodic refrain… and Mia obtained this in her first song. Perfect!.

In her first album debut  (Music invest label) all the previous singles are compiled. 13 songs, some original and other big songs known, translated into the Estonian, master by V. Valgmaa and sung by Mia’s nice voice. Interesting versions of “Ma tahan tunda” (I want to know what love is) by Michael Jones  -famous song by Foreigner band- and “Kallis” (Brandy) by Scott D. English and Richard Kerr between others songs gives to the album an important relevancy. Too rapid for 13 unpublished songs but perfect harmonized with big hits adapted to her style and in estonian.

We are grateful for the incorporation of video clips in some of her songs. I know that this them costs great to do it in the  Estonian artists, for different motives. But Mia has done up to the moment two nice and interesting videos for two of her songs. I support very much this initiative and believe that it is very important to continue in this direction. An artist cannot have a pass of slides in her songs: it has to have visual material and that impresses the spectator!.

“Endale” one of the songs with video clip is a nice romantic, very harmonized and soft ballad that immediately it attracts to the ear of the spectator. Again the duo V. Valgmaa/J. Saar returns to do a marvellous job! Aitäh guys!.

Mia’s song “Bon voyage” was selected for the Eesti laul 2012, Estonian final phase for Eurovision. It was a great news and I was very satisfied when I found out about this news. But sincerely the song “Bon voyage” is not precisely the Mia’s best. A not too good and repetitive refrain… as already I said in the page dedicated to this show, had not just looked like to me the perfect song for this show https://pep1000.wordpress.com/about/eesti-laul-2012/

Though a video clip was done for promotion of the song and a work and admirable effort is not the best song of V. Valgmaa. The song finally could not be in the final and remained eliminated in the first semi-final.

Nevertheless, we entrust fullly in this team and Mia will offer us a new success in a very nearby future. She will be one of the big stars of the Estonian pop.


“Mia” (2011)



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