Mimicry is the name of a band of electronic music formed by Kene Vernik (1985) and Paul Lepasson. The lyrics and the music of the band like they themselves say it is arrogant and aggressive and his music techno is psychodelic. Nobody more than they themselves can be defined better.

The first time that I heard to the band “Mimicry” was in the Eesti laul 2010 with the song “New”. If I am sincere the song impressed me strongly but I admit that I was not prepared for this type of musician. Though it was electronic since my I like to it, it had many innovations very risked for my, too modern and originally and really very innovative to represent Estonia in Eurovision.

But you cannot flee of the music that you have not just understood. For this motive I started knowing a bit more to the band and understanding his music. A band that has been selected three consecutive years for the Eesti laul this wants to say some thing to us: his music though original it is of quality.

Kene already had wide musical experience in electronic music and as singer in her previous band “Depoo” and in addition Kene took part in the year 2009 of the show of television “Eesti otsib superstaari” -Estonian pop idol- remaining a finalist but she could not gain the contest.


Paul in his previous band “Kosmosepoiss” towards a purer electronic music, without lyrincs in the style of the geniuses of the 80’s “Hypnosis” or “Laser dance”. This way it is since a genius of the synthesizer is demonstrated!.

We come a year 2010: the song “New” stays in eighth position in the Eesti laul. Immediately afterwards there is done the video clip of the single “Heat” realized for Caviar productions. For me one of the best video clip of the Estonian music. Set in a covered with snow forest and by night, it creates fascination to the spectator for the dark history that counts, the effects, the horses, the torches and the striking music… mixed with some complement of originality like us it has this band used. Ten points!

Mimicry’s song “The storm” returned to be selected for the Eesti laul 2011. Once in the final the band stayed in tenth position. It has merit that was returning to be selected between the semifinalists between so many candidates. This wants to say that his original and modern style is liked by the juror of Estonia who selects the songs. Providing that they can the band tries to put video clips in his songs. In this case with “The storm” the video is a species of nightmare that happens during a familiar dinner… polemic and suggestive at the same time as always this band. You cannot see the video and not say anything… you have to think about it!

But for my personal opinion it was continuing without being a song for Eurovision. We have to wait until to the Eesti laul 2012. Mimicry’s song “The destination” has been selected for the second semi-final of the contest. I do not have words for this… three consecutive years!. And for me… this one is the real electronic song for that I was waiting. Now yes: modern and innovative, but at the same time discreet and melodic… ideal for this type of contests!. We have that it waits on the next February 25 to know if the band qualifies by the final of March 3, 2012 but for me the aim already this fulfilled.

They continue doing concerts for his country often… now only we have to wait to first for album of the band where the previous singles ones will be compiled to do a global opinion of the disc. Good luck Mimicry!



Eesti otsib superstaari 2009 Kene Vernik “Wicked game” 

“New” preview Eesti laul 2010


“New” Eesti laul 2010 

 “The storm” Eesti laul 2011


“The destination” preview ETV Eesti laul 2012


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