Mr Happyman

Once analyzed with the passage of time Sven Lõhmus’s professional career we can affirm that “Mr. Happyman” has been the most long-lived band of this great musical Estonian creator.

This band formed practically by teenagers in his beginnings made his appearance emphasized in 1995 with his great hit “Las mina proovin siis ka” song that came in very high levels in the charts of radios of Estonia and was danced and enjoyed in numerous discotheques and clubs of this country.

In this first moment the band was formed for: Sven Lõhmus (1972), Sulev Lõhmus, Ly Lumiste (1981) and Kadi Tammoja (1977). (Please for more information to look at the pages corresponding to Sven Lõhmus and Ly Lumiste in this channel).


A test of the long activity of the band is that as anecdote we can tell that the first album “Lõvisüda” was edited only in cassette, this thing can turn out to be graceful nowadays. The following singles were: 1995 “Lõvisüda” and “Jõuluaeg”, in 1996 “Laupäevaõhtu printsess”, “Suveparadiis” and “Eskimo tüdruk”.

Later Kadi and Ly were mothers and the band stopped his activity a period. Later the band returned to be in functioning.

Until the year 2004 the following single does not come:  “Las mina proovin siis ka” version 2004, in 2006 “Retro” and in 2007 “Megamix 2007”.

The first album in CD was in 2006 called “Retro” in the one that was incorporating all his previous songs as well as the new ones. This album was very necessary to fill the emptiness that existed in his biography in CD. Analyzed all the songs probably my favorite two are “Pilvede peal” with a very soft melody that rapidly the listener likes and “Retro” where it confirms very strongly the voice of robot -that is in the habit of doing Sven- and the sweet voice of the girls.

In the year 2009 we have to mention another prominent moment for the band: Kadi leaves the band and Maris Üksti (1984) joins as new vocalist of the band together with Ly.



As always the new incorporations and singers of Sven are not chosen at random. With the help of the manager of the producer “Moonwalk” Tambet Mumma, Maris was chosen by her wide professional career. She started at the age of three in Estonian TV Choir and later sang  back vocals for a singer from USA for few years.


Maris has adapted to the band perfectly and we wait for the future for new big successes. Only we have to wait for what Sven’s talent contributes new material… and the band teaches it to us!



“Retro” (2006)




“Pilvede peal” video by pep1000 



“Megamix” Bravo Klubis (Pärnu) October 2010


“Pilvede peal”

Kui mustvalge film
on mu elu äärelinna ärklitoas
Päikest ei näe, on vihmane ilm

Kui kauge miraaž viib eemale maast
See mis pole reaalne tundub hea
miks keegi siis minust aru ei saa

Sa ju tead et ma päikest ei näe
mujal kui taevas
Mulle meeldib kõndida seal pilvede peal
Kaalutuna saan ma kaugele maast
keegi ei tea, ei usu mind eal
mis tunne on see kui sa võid kõndida pilvede peal

Nii mitmel ööl
kui tähtede kuld taas valgustab maad
Unistad vaid, et lennata saaks…


Mr. Happyman

Meid kaks mitu, miks on ta peapael
soovin, soovin, soovin iga pühapäev.
Tooli viskan potased, eskimo jäätis,
Roki ja Raba naerab te ees.

Vana hea retro, mõnus meeletu feeling.
(Mõnus meeletu feeling)
Kui ajamasin viib meid kaugele.
See vana hea retro, ära tunnen su siiski,
(vana hea retro ära tunnen su siiski)
On kõik need laulud siia maani peas,
ja nad ei unune eal.

Vidri, Jaan, Olga, Viru varjete,
Tuunisaba 34, RUK hotell.
Stereo, video, audio, wifi
Bröngesgot shot ja valged inglid.


Mr. Happyman.
Ja nad ei unune eal.


ja nad ei unune eal,
ja nad ei unune eal.
Mr. happyman

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