Nexus was a band of juvenile pop of very much success in Estonia. It was formed by Janne Saar (1986), Merlyn Uusküla -Merka- (1984) and Helen Randmäe (1985).

Merka was coming from the contest “Kaks Takti Ette” in 2001 in which the hearing voted for her and it decided that she will gain the contest. Janne also took part successfully in the program and Helen was announced to the public by programs related to the dance.

Your career begins in the year 2003 when the producer Peter Ross of Top Ten trusted in them to do a band.  The contribution of producer “Top Ten” to the young talents of Estonia it has been exceptional from always. After your first great hit “Nii Kuum” or “Ei saa” in the year 2003, the reputation of the band reached very important levels. All these first songs were included in the album “Nii Kuum”. In my opinion “Ei saa” it is the best song of the band. It combines perfectly a powerful force of guitar alternating with the sweet voices of the girls.

In the following years, each one edited an album: “Nexus2” in 2004 with the hit “Sind sind sind”. Personally would distinguish from the album the beautiful ballad “Lubasid tulla” together with Koit Toome and “Sinuga Koos” version dance mix, both with a powerful music of synthesizer.

In the year 2005 “Nii head tüdrukud ei tee” with the most out-standing song “Tormituuled”. A last album appeared 2006, in which the decadence of the band was felt under the name of “Best of nexus”. To end Nexus’s projection became another compilation in the one that existed CD+DVD in the one that was enjoying itself the participation of the band in the concert “Ultra go live” in 2006.

Sadly… the band finished… but the talent of the girls continues. Now we have Merlyn and to Janne realizing magnificent professional careers in solitarily.


“Nii Kuum”


“Nii head tüdrukud ei tee”

“The best of Nexus”

“Best of Nexus” CD+DVD


“Ei saa”

“Ei saa” & “Nii kuum”

“Sinuga koos” Skywalkers uk dance mix

” Tormituuled”

“Sa vaata mul silma”

“Nii kui nii”

“Kaitseta” Live in Saku Suurhall Tallinn 

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