Kairit Tuhkanen

Kairit Tuhkanen (1980), is a famous Estonian pop singer and actress. Though she was not a professional of the singing, her personal merit and your activity on the Estonian TV Kanal 2 gave to her rapidly great popularity.
Kairit in this first period of her professional career was called “Niki” and her beginnings in the music it was very important. 
Niki entered the world of the music with the first wonderful album called “Teistmoodi” -In opposite case- of a high musical quality of techno dance. The majority of songs were realized by the Swiss producer David Brandes, J. O’Flynn -that so good results have given for Vanilla Ninja band-, Markku, Cristina Tiidumaa and another autors in 2005.
This album includes extraordinary ballads as “Kuulen su häält” -very well translated into the Estonian for the own Kairit- one of the best melodic songs of Estonian pop, “Möödas on aeg” or “Siin ja praegu” super techno hits. Though the disc was including some song that already had been touched in some another band of Brandes, Niki sangs them in estonian and gave to him a very personal touch.
On this first disc there is no video clip. It was a great mistake of marketing, because it had been a great inducement for the European involution of the singer. We have to be sorry that Niki for the motives that are, did not continue working with the producer “Records 2000” but there will be a change in your music.
Though Niki continues her musical career of brilliant form now with producer “Top Ten”, on your second and third disc we see a style of different music that does not look like greatly the techno of “Teistmoodi”. For my personal opinion, if Kairit wants to return to be the best Estonian techno/dance artist, she has to sing songs similar to this first album. 
The second album “Äike päike” if that itpromoted well, including the video clips of two of your singles “Sa oled see kes jääb” -You are the fact that you are- and the song “Äike päike” -The thunder the Sun-. This album appeared in November, 2007. In addition these two singles already they had been sung by the Russian singer Zhanna Friske in 2005 and they were calling “La, la , la” and “Gde to Letom” respectively.


The album was very much successful and in this year 2008 is very important for Kairit’s professional career because she won two awards: “Female Performer of the Year 2008” and “Album of the Year 2008” for “Aike päike”. I believe that it is a just recognition of Kairit’s career!.

There was very important her participation in TV Estonian series “Kelgukoerad” in 37 episodes between the year 2007 and 2010. She was “Anna” in this series of mystery and she demonstrated to the Estonian public her work as actress.
In November, 2008 the last album was “Blondist brünetiks” that was including the video clip of one of your singles “See suve öö” -These nights of summer-. Unlike the first album, in the posterior albums video clips always they will be present.
New changes affect Niki from the beginning of 2009. She continues with your fulminating career with a definite style. Now Niki is announced as her real name “Kairit Tuhkanen” and already she has extracted two new singles “Seal suve laul” and “Arno poeg”. 
These songs have been the first singles of her fourth album called “Kapriis” (2010). Kairit has supported an own style marked by her original voice and has a faithful public that he is charmed with her songs. Only we can wish her a lot of luck and that makes us enjoy new songs.
“Aike päike”
“Blondist brünetiks”
 “Kapriis” (2010)
“Kuulen su häält”
“Teistmoodi mix”
“Möodas on aeg”
“Sa Oled See Kes Jääb” video clip
“Äike paike” video clip
“Äike paike” live Kanal 2
“Siis kui saabub päev remix” live

5 comments on “Kairit Tuhkanen

    • If you live in Croatia… you have a great knowledge of the Estonian music!. This song that you say is good but… I prefer all the songs of the album “Teistmoodi” … my favorite ones!

  1. i actually do have enormous knowlage of Estonian music. the thing is, they are like stuck in ’90s… which i adored 😀

  2. btw im just listening Youtube – Niki – Sulle välja ütlen tõe!

    music i could listen every day 😀

    and yes i like “trash” music 😉

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