Rolf Junior

Rolf Junior is one of the best artists, composer and songwriter of the Estonian pop music. The perseverance and tenacity of Rolf Roosalu (1982) will make him a great international artist in the near future.
He has been a performer of many musical’s early work on stage back in 1993 with “Oliver” at only 11 years, “Don Quijote” and “Kaval-Ants ja Vanapagan” in 1995. 

It was very important for Rolf’s career passing through the talent show of  TV3 “Fizz Superstar 2002” with which he got a hit song and became known to the general public all his talent.
Their debut album was “Ingel” (2008) which included the great song by Peter Ross “One on One” which was presented in the same year in Eurolaul and the superhit “Ingel” of the best techno dance.
In his next album appreciate further improved techno dance music of Rolf, as usual in many songs together with lyrics of Liis Lass (see Liis Lass web lyricist and artist management It’s called “Ööjanune” (2009) and collects his next singles. Highlight “Purunenud killud” and “Fre:dom”, “Möödujad”  and the superhit of Eesti Laul 2010 “Maagiline päev”.
Highlight are the musicals “Queen the doors of time” with Tanja Mihhailova in 2009, “Valge Gospel” in 2006, 2007 and 2009 among many other shows.
Rolf is one of the artists that has been submitted to Eurolaul of Estonia (national final for Eurovision), either by the choir in 2003 with “Vanilla Ninja”, in 2004 with Maarja-Liis Ilus and in 2005 with Laura Põldvere or acting him in the years 2008 with the song “One on one”, 2009 with the song “Freedom” and finally with Violina the song “Maagiline päev” in the  Eurolaul 2010 (from 2009 called “Eesti laul”). This last song was unjustly not winning the final and once again Rolf could not see his dream of going to Eurovision.
Finally we hope to be back because a new song by Rolf (with lyrics of Liis Lass) again submitted to Eesti Laul 2011. Rolf win this year and there will be a reward for the perseverance and professionalism. Rolf ten points!!!! The song “All and now” stayed in eighth position.
Last news: on December 15, 2011. Rolf Junior now with the band called “Pop Maniacs” with the song “I don’t know” returns to be in the semi-finals of the contest Eesti laul 2012, between 20 semifinalists. We can observe that to Rolf neither any bad news nor injustice sinks it. He has a professional capacity that goes beyond that all the problems that appear in his path before the aim obtains that he has proposed to reach.
He has seen that across the Eesti laul can come easier to Europe and to want to represent to his country… this iron man finally will obtain, it and when this happens, we will be here to support this great achievement!.
While Rolf continues with his concerts and big events for Estonia. We wish very much success in the professional career of this great artist.


“Ingel” (2008)
“Ööjanune” (2009)
Valge gospel 2006 (with Mikk Saar and Lauri Liiv)
“One on one” video clip Eurolaul 2008
Erisaade song “Eurolaul” (Ingel)
Nele-Liis Vaiksoo feat Rolf Junior “Täheöö” – Eestimaa uhkus 2008
Rolf Junior feat Mari-liis Ilus “The Prayer”
“Fre:dom” (LIVE 07.02.09 ETV)

Violina Feat. Rolf Junior “Maagiline päev” Live in Eesti laul 2010 (03/12/2010)

“All & Now” Live in Eesti laul 2011


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