Sunday Mood

The band of pop Swedish-Estonian “Sunday Mood” is formed nowadays by Alexandre Pier-Federici, Timo Vendt and Tanja Mihhailova and was created in 2007 in Stockholm.

I have included to the band “Sunday Mood” in the section of Estonian music but perfectly I could have included it in the section of “Sweden music”. Since at the moment I do not have any more Swedish groups, with Alex’s permission and Timo I include the band in the Estonian music.

The incorporation of my favorite artist Tanja Mihhailova as vocalist in the swedish band has allowed me to know to a perfect trio, which music does not have frontier. In fact, to Timo Vendt, one of the components of the trio, already knew it as author of many songs of the Tanja’s in Jz Belle -The best songs of album Teemant!-. Therefore, the band had to have songs of the same level that those that I knew in Jz Belle. In Sunday Mood Vendt he is the producer and touches the keyboards. All the songs and your lyrics are an Alex’s work.

I did not know Alex, but once I have investigated your professional career have discovered that is a genius of the Spanish guitar, with numerous experience all over the world.

Summarizing they have met to make this trio three of the best artists of Europa’s North to realize a soft and melodious music (with Tanja’s nice voice) for all the public ones and ages. In addition in the bass-drums there is Hele-Riin Uib, powerful percussion that already we know her energy in the band “Blacky” and Laura Põldvere band… there is someone that  does not like these songs?.

After the first very famous single in all the Nordic countries “This Time”  in 2007 the band it throws your first so called album “Something more” in summer of 2009. Your superhit “Take me” reached high levels in radios of all the Nordic countries and it has been a great best-seller.

I wish a happy professional future them and I will try to help to spread your music in what modestly I could do.


“Something more”


“Sunday mood medley”

“Take me” Live in Raadio Sky Plus

“Take me”


 Sunday Mood in MySpace


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