Suntribe was an Estonian girl-band, composed entirely of students, which represented their country in the Eurovision contest in Ukraine in the year 2005. The original four was Mari-Leen Kaselaan (1987), Rebecca Kontus, Laura Poldvere (1988) and Jaanika Vilipo. They were later joined by a fifth member, Daana Ots (1987).

The band was created by Sven Lohmus expressly to gain the Eurolaul of this year and to represent Estonia in Eurovision. The song “Let’s get loud” was good, it gained the Eurolaul without problems but the song was of a style different from the one that Sven us has used. The song was very animated and the promotion that was done was the correct one, even there was a nice video clip of the song. Finally place stayed in unjustly 20th in semi-final in Kiev and the Sven Lohmus’s first project did not triumph. Later it would triumph with Urban Symphony. 


Sincerely it was a good song adapted for this type of festivals, was contributing freshness, beauty and sharm, but in Eurovision not always justice is done by the songs. Finally, the band dissolved and every girl has continued your career in solitarily  (to look pages “Laura Poldvere”, “Mari-leen Kaselaan” and “Violina” for Daana Ots).


“Ei tunne mind”

“Let’s get loud”



“Let’s get loud” Live in Eurolaul 2005


“Let’s get loud” video clip


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