Sven Lõhmus

Already I said in the section “My history …” that I knew Sven Lõhmus’s work across the first album of the band “Vanilla Ninja”. From there I was expanding to the music pop of Estonia.

The truth is that there are few persons as Sven Lõhmus (1972). Your capacity of creation is very high. He works for several artists simultaneously and your mind has to be agile and fast to contribute to every artist the theme that him is more appropriate. In addition he intervenes personally in different bands like Black Velvet or Mr. Happyman and in some occasion in someone of your girls as Laura or Mari-leen. Is it possible to be more complete?

In 2003 and 2004 Sven won the award “Aasta Autor” the best author of the year in Estonia. 

Many artists who today have your own career in solitarily owe the opportunity to Sven and to the producer of “Top Ten”. Now with your producer own “Moonwalk” he has with him a new generation of artists who already are dedicated in the music of Estonia: Laura Poldvere, Mari-leen Kaselaan and the band Urban Symphony.

I want to do special mention to Urban Symphony.

After the sixth position obtained by Urban Symphony in the festival of Eurovision of 2009, Sven is had more successful. Estonia was doing a lot of time that was not obtaining a good position in the festival, unitedly with the good song of the band, the public has started investigating whom is Sven… Exactly what I did years ago!…

Sven Lohmus, May 2009 - ©

Exactly yesterday I find out -in the official page of the festival- that Sven ha gained two awards: “Best arrangement and production award” and “Composer of the year award” and again won the award for best author of Estonia, as it did in 2004. We hope in the future many more awards for him.

March 2011. One of the new talents of Sven, the singer Getter Jaani, has won the “Eesti Laul 2011” and therefore represent Estonia in the next Eurovision Song Contest to be held in Germany in May 2011. Again, the talent of Sven’s creations will be in Europe. Congratulations to Sven and Getter Jaani!.




Getter Jaani to Eurovision final 2011!!!!!

Interview Getter Jaani after semifinal


Interview Sven Lohmus after semifinal


Interview Sven Lohmus before semifinal

“Sven Lõhmus live” video by pep1000

Sven Lohmus mix 1 video by pep1000

More videos in which Sven intervenes or makes their songs for other artists will find them at pages:

Black Velvet, Mari-leen Kaselaan, Laura Poldvere, Nightlight duo, Trinity, Ly Lumiste, Suntribe or Vanilla Ninja.

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