Interview to Tanja Mihhailova

Tanja Mihhailova: “Every project / musical / show / contcert I do, I do with love and passion”

September, 7, 2011. Tanja Mihhailova has the amiability to grant a small interview for all the friends of  Pep1000 channel. Thanks Tanja!!

Pep1000: What do you think that someone who lives to 3.000 km from Estonia should be precisely the administrator of a channel of spreading of the Estonian music in english, that has realized your “Not official Blog” and created your fans’ club in Facebook?

Tanja M: Actually I was very surprised and of course flattered. Didn’t expected this and i’m very grateful for the hard work you’ve done ;0)

Pep1000: Your Blog goes already more than 2 years and in the last days it has received visits of Estonia, Hong Kong, USA, Iceland, United Kingdom, France between other countries… What do you think about this?

Tanja M: I think that this is very exciting, that people from other countries are interesting in what i do and who I am.

Pep1000: Internet has made possible that great people know your work from the whole world… but many people say to me that they have problems to buy music of Estonian singers from out of Estonia. There were not prepared the Estonian stores for this revolution?

Tanja M: Well….yes, it’s kind a problem. I hope that someone is working on that and soon all the people from outside Estonia can buy estonian music. But at least it’s good to know that someone from outside Estonia is actually intersted in estonian music ;0)

Pep1000: You are a chameleonic artist and probably the most versatile artist of Estonia: singer in solitary, singer in bands, singer in musicals, actress of theatre, presenter of television… you sing pop, electronic music, jazz, swing… do you dare with everything? There is some musical kind that you do not like?

Tanja M: I like music in general. I listen to all kind of music and love to sing all kind of styles. There is a new TV show coming up on TV3 in the end of september (“Laulupealinn”) and the theme of the first round is to sing in the music style you’ve never sang before. Well….it’s gonna be interesting ;0)

Pep1000: There are songs that they have influenced very much in my life. My favorite songs in your former bands are: “Miks ma ei suuda su maailma muuta” -of fact this song sounds when call me to my telephone mobil!- for Nightlight duo and “Sind nii kaua pole olnud siin” and “Sind ikka ootan” for Jz Belle. With the ingenuity of Timo Vendt and Mihkel Matissen still you continue with them at present in the band “Swingers”. What recollections have you of these former bands? Are Timo/Mihkel a dream team?

Tanja M: I like working with Timo and Mihkel. They are very good friends of mine and good producers/song writers to work with. We perfome with them all the time and of course we have a lot of unreleased songs. But we’re working on that.

Pep1000: I enjoy very much seeing videos clips of my favorite artists. That I know only you appear in the video “Vihmane päev”. Have you thought about a new album with a song that incorporates a video clip? 

Tanja M: I think about doing an album all the time. But it’s not that easy for singer without managers or sponsors to finance an album and all the expenses that come with that, but i’m not losing hope ;0)

Pep1000: I see that in these last two years your work has increased very much. Do you believe that your participation in “Laulud Tähtedega” has influenced in this?

Tanja M: I think that this was the main reason for estonian people to learn to know me better. I didn’t expected that kind of reaction and actually i was a little bit afraid of singing in that show. I thought that we’re gonna be eleminated in round 2 or something, but i was wrong. And i was veeery happy about that. So i thank “Laulud tähtedega” for my further success in our small show business.

Pep1000: Queen, Fame, Kiss of Spiderwoman, ABBA… in which musical you have felt better? Of which you feel prouder?

Tanja M: Every project/musical/show/contsert i do, i do with love and passion. Of course i remember my first musical “Cabaret”, i remember my first lead role in “Fame”, and i loooved “Queen-the doors of time” beacause of the music ;0). So it’s hard to say wich one i liked more. Every project was/is unique and interesting in its own way.

Pep1000: Many Estonian artists try every year to qualify for the “Eesti laul”. Unjustly in the year 2010 your song “Falling Star” was not classified. Do you think to go to the contest in the future? Is “Eesti laul” the door of entry in Europe for Estonian artists?

Tanja M: Actually i’m thinking about trying to get in this year. It’s hard to predict the result of getting into the competition. We’re gonna see how it goes. “Eesti laul” is a good opportunety to present your music to Estonia and (if you’re lucky enough to win) to the whole Europe.

Pep1000: Some comment that you want to make, proposed… we listen to you with a lot of interest! Thank you for your words!

Tanja M: Just thank you sooo much for doing that. I hope that someday you can come to one of my shows or concerts and we will meet “ face to face” :0)))

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