Triin Sommer

Triin Sommer (1985), called artistically Trinity in her initial years, is an Estonian top model and pop singer with a nice voice. As other future Estonian artists, the public was announced in the television show “Fizz superstar 2002” a singing competition of 3 Baltic countries.
As Miss Estonia, she represented to your country in the contest of “Miss world” correspondent to the year 2002.
With the help of Sven Lõhmus, Trinity joined together to the Estonian dance band “Caater” in 2003 with the album “The queen of night” in which it was in all the charts of Estonian radios. This album was of a great quality techno-dance. Sadly this one album was the Caater’s last one. The album with 11 songs is one of the best Estonian electronic albums. Very well realized with original songs and all done in english the album seemed that it had to take a projection as formidable Europe worthily of the best European artists. Triin’s nice voice close to these Sven’s wonderful melodies they were guaranteeing success in charts, discotheques and in the purchase of the album in CD.
“The queen of night” was the prinicipal single of the album, one of the best Estonian songs in this style. If it had been interpreted by a singer of UK or USA surely would have been a great world hit. But not only this song there were the important ones in the album: “Just a game”, the powerful “Never ever”, “Tell me why”, “Endless Summer”… a real album number 1!.
Trinity did the second album the following year (2004) with Sven Lõhmus in which the versions were joining in Estonian of the songs in English of the “The queen of night”. The album was called by the name of “Trinity”. This album did not reach so high levels of popularity.
From the ending of the project “Trinity” she acts in solitarily with her real name Triin Sommer in diverse musicals. Really there is little information in the network on this great artist and model. The last news that I know on her it is that she is a journalist in an on-line magazine in the cosmopolitan and international city of Marbella in Spain. In Marbella she also has taken the musical one that she has done often in Estonia “Sommer in the city” together with her sister Tene Sommer. The truth is that the play on words of “Sommer” with “Summer” is very good!.
Triin, I wish a lot of luck you for the future and if you return to do an album of the same level that “The queen of the night” please warn me…
“The queen of night”
“Trinity mix”
“The queen of night”
“Meeletu Oö”
“Just a game” 

3 comments on “Triin Sommer

  1. Queen of the night is a good album . . . For me, les best song of this album are Music, Endless summer , and Queen of the night ^^

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