Vaike Hannust

The singer Vaike Hannust (1976) has one of the best fine and velvety voice of  Estonian music. She was the solist of popular soft pop/jazz band “Zone “.

Now explain how I met this singer. The first time I heard to Vaike was singing the song of the band “Zone” with Cardinals “Valge Seil” in a song from DVD Cardinals band Live in Tallinn at Saku Suurhall. The band “Cardinals” already knew, are specialists in Gregorian chant, but… who was this girl who sang this beautiful song with them?

Internet looking for information regarding the band “Zone” and found some other song from this band, but who she was… The word “Zone” is a very common word… not talking about the band.


Later I saw this wonderful song was submitted for the “Eurolaul 2004” in english version called “Turn the tide”… and did not win! the song finally occupying an incomprehensible eighth in the festival!. How could this great song did not win the contest this year?. Then I found out more information: The lyrics of the song was by Maian-Anna Kärmas and music by Priit Pajusaar and Glen Pilvre. Thanks to Facebook and through the kindness of Maian-Anna told me the singer of “Zone” was Vaike Hannust.


Although Vaike had begun her solo career, the band “Zone” was active between 1994 and 2006 and was composer for her and Risto Rebane. The album “Kirgede Keeled” appeared in 2003 and on this disc were collected all previous singles. 14 very interesting songs and 2 of them sung in english. Although in general the album has a very soft music, jazz and swing, there is a pop song style as “Sinu Korval”, “Words” and “Ei suuda loobuda”. My favorite song is “Sinu Korval”a real hit!. While Zone was active, Vaike also sang in the jazz band “The moon principal orchestra”, a very versatile artist!.

In the spring of 2005 Vaike and her husband Elmo Saul found the band “Red vibe”. Your first single was “Nicotine” then followed the song “My metal heart”. With songs performed by Elmo, Vaike in this band is involved in a more electronic style of music in her former band “Zone”… Vaike’s deep voice gives a superb musical style to the compositions of Elmo. In 2007 the band disbanded. 

Later she sang the song “Tundmatule maale” in 2007 composer was Meelis Leis and in the following year Vaike made in Radio Elmar the show “Laulutund”. She sang in this period the song “Sünnipäeva lootus” together Trobikond.

Vaike currently performs cabaret and jazz music in small clubs and occasionally she sings and writes songs composed by Risto Rebane: “Jõud” and “Moondance” is of her last songs as always very interesting and good (Please see interview to Risto Rebane in this link

I have to do a special mention to “Moondance”. Here Risto has returned with the energy and talent of always. Talented electronic song, with soft ended and very emotive melody sung by Vaike’s sensational velvet voice… a real hit that returns to put Vaike in the highest of the Estonian music. Congratulations for this new song and we wait for your songs of this magnitude very often!.


“Kirgede Keeled” (2003)


Cardinals feat Zone “Valge Seil”

Cardinals feat Zone “Turn the tide” Eurolaul 2004

Roxy (Vaike Hannust-Saul) – Viru Varietee 2009


Idamaa (Vaike Hannust-Saul) – Viru Varietee 2009

Zone “Sinu Korval”

Red Vibe “My metal heart”


Turn the tide (Valge Seil) Eurolaul 2004

Sorrow sailing free
Breaking waves, lost on sea
Dancing through the night
Searching for the waking dawn

You can turn the tide
Brace the storming time
Wake the morning sun
Make the starless night undone
Where your heart will fail
Hope will raise your sails
Bring you safe ashore
Long before the day will fade

Search far and wide
The horizon in sight
Praying for a sign
Flying from the endless night

You can turn the tide…

Sails of sorrow turn tomorrow
Breaking waves ’till morning comes

When you reach inside
Keep your twilight alive
You can hold the flame
Paint an everlasting day

You can turn the tide…

Sinu Kõrval

Kõnnin üksi hallis linnas,
pisarates sinisilmad.
heidan sõgavasse unne ,
vajan soojust vajan õnne

Sinu nimi igal varjul,
igal unistusel,laulul.
Igal väiksemalgi rajal,
kus vaid astun kordub ta kaja.

ReF:Kaunis aeg mis meile antud,
Kire lõõmas,taeva kantud
Lõputuna tundub uni,
saabub hommik kustub tuli taas,
kustub tuli taas.

Täht kord süttib,
täht kord kustub
ootan ööd mis mind siit kutsub
puudutuste salaradu
ära keela,ära palu

maailm väike meile valla,
rõõmurõngaid taevast kallab,
sädelevas kasteheinas,
sinu kõrval ma end leian.

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