Vanilla Ninja



Vanilla Ninja is the most famous Estonian musical band due to your projection for Europa’s center. It is formed nowadays by Lenna Kuurmaa (1985), Piret Järvis (1984) and Katrin Siska (1983). 



Since already I have said in the section “My history” Vanilla Ninja it has been the musical band with which I began all my history with the music of Estonia. There is so much information about Vanilla Ninja in Internet that any my contribution on the band only would be to repeat the same information. I put two links that I believe that they are the most representative of the band in Internet: one of wikipedia in that all the events are summarized happened during these years and another link that is that of the web page fan of the band in Estonia. 


Summarizing very much, Vanilla Ninja’s professional life would be this:

 – The creation in 2002 for Sven Lohmus of the band with Maarja Kivi, Piret Järvis, Lenna Kuurmaa and Katrin Siska

 – Your participation in the Eurolaul 2003 with the song “Club kung Fu” of Sven Lohmus.

 – Your international projection for David Brandes in  2004 for Germanic countries

 – Maarja’s retreat of the band still has pregnant woman and Triinu’s Kivilaan later incorporation

 – Your participation in Eurovision in 2005 representing Switzerland with the hard song “Cool vibes”

 – Triinu leaves the band at the end of 2005 and begins your career in solitarily in Germany.

 – The polemic arisen with David Brandes by appropriation of the name of the band and falsification of sales

 – The participation the Eurolaul 2007 and later in the festival of Viña del Mar in Chile with the song ” Birds of peace”

  – Until to coming to the current moment in which they continue without being able to sing out of Estonia for the polemic of the author’s copyright of the name of the band and already for three years they do not have new disc. Though they do works you join normally every girl has your professional life out of Vanilla Ninja in musicals, programs of television or playing the role of a model. 


 Brief opinion of the five albums:

First album called “Vanilla Ninja” (2003) is more techno of all and only it was edited in Estonia. Sven Lohmus’s influence is obvious. Though the most famous song was a “Club Kung fu” the are most out-standing hits ” Why? ” and “Purunematu”. An important future was felt for the band of young girls. 

Second album: “Traces of sadness” (2004) it is the European projection of the band across D. Brandes. Here the band already rocker gathers your definitive style more with algun touch of synth (since Katrin always touches this instrument). Though it is the best album of the band, all the songs are good, we will distinguish the songs: “Destroyed by you” in my opinion the best ballad rock accompanied from Lenna’s powerful voice; “Tough enough” the first single of the album and “Looking for a hero”.

The third album: “Blue Tattoo” (2005) the style is kept rock alternating with ballads. We emphasize the single ” Blue tattoo” and “Cool vibes” with which Vanilla Ninja took part in Eurovision 2005 representing Switzerland.


Events that now do not come to the case, forced to D. Brandes to creating a fourth so called album “Best of”. Very good since it incorporates all the Vanilla Ninja’s best songs but there is no song of the first album of Estonia.

Five and last album up to the moment: In “Love is war” (2006)  already we estimate a small setback. The rock already is not so strong and Vanilla Ninja’s style has been smoothed a bit. One notices that D. Brandes already has not intervened on the disc. We emphasize “Dangerzone” and “Silence”. On the other hand the song “Rockstarz” gave one I overturn whole to your style trying to imitate a 70s. For me not towards it is necessary to do this invention!.

“Vanilla Ninja”
“Traces of sadness”
“Blue tattoo”
“Best of”
“Love is war”
“Club Kung Fu” Live in Eurolaul 2003
“Purunematu” Lenna & Maarja Live in Tähed muusikas 2003

“Inner radio” 


“Destroyed by you” video by pep1000

“Tough Enough” Live at Apres Ski Hits 2004

“Don’t go too fast” Live in Bravo supershow 2004

“Liar” Live in Top of the pops 05/05/2004
“Blue Tattoo” Live in RTL TOTP 11/27/2004
“I know ” Live at Viva 17 in 02/28/05
“Dangerzone” Live in  Zdf Fernsehgarten 2006
“Birds of peace” Live in Eurolaul 2007
“Crashing through the doors” with the Estonian Dream Band in Tallinn 2009
Lenna & Piret “Cool Vibes” in Tähed Muusikas 04.04.2009

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