Violina is an Estonian sexy pop band that was formed in the year 2008 but that is successful guaranteed in the musical world of Estonia for his originality and different style. Three pretty girls and with very much talent they base your music on the violin accompanied of a soft music pop of fund.

Daana Ots (1987), Johanna-Marie Ainomäe and Käll Haarde (1988) form the band and all of them already have previous wide musical experience and they are professional artists of the violin. Daana comes from Suntribe, popular band that represented Estonia in Eurovision in the year 2005.

Your producers are Mihkel Mattisen and Timo Vendt. Therefore if Timo is in the foundation of the band all the music has to be good (to remember songs in Jz Belle or Sunday Mood).

Up to the moment Violina it has done 15 songs but not they all have been edited and also it adapts big hits of other bands as “Infinity”, “Don’t stop the music” or “Fields of Gold”. As more well-known hit we stand out “Hava Nagila” in 2008 and “Sellel ööl” together with Lenna Kuurmaa in May, 2009 the single appeared. The hits of the band is assured and already it is verified that the music pop alternated with violins is successful, only it is necessary to see Urban Symphony.

Your international proyection is on the verge of happening. The song “Maagiline päev” of Violina feat  Rolf Junior is selected by the final of the Eesti laul 2010. The winning song will represent Estonia in the festival of Eurovision in Oslo. Though the song was the best of all it could not be.


In the festival of the Eesti laul 2010 has gained a song that for my does not have the demanded level. It has been the whole surprise!!. Let’s hope that the band does not decline and continues with spirit your musical career so many Violina as Rolf. 

8 april 2010. Good news for Violina! VIOLINA won the award for most played song in estonian radiostations in 2009. “KULDNE PLAAT” award was given for the song “Sellel ööl”, recorded together with Lenna Kuurmaa.

Finally, the album “Maagiline” was released in may 2010 and was successful in Estonia. Here they all are compiled your previous singles and new songs. It is an album of very varied styles: from traditional songs of Estonia or Russian -Kalinka- Sambas “Samba de Janeiro” to collaborations with Birgit Õigemeel in the song “Iialgi” or with Tanja Mihhailova “Stay with me”. Since then the band has realized numerous actions out of your country: a very risky and interesting bet. Perfect!. It has gone away to Norway, Finland, Spain, Netherlands, Thailand…

After knowing the list of songs qualified for the Eesti laul 2012 of this year we had good news. The song “You’re not alone” sung by Birgit Õigemeel and Violina and written and composed for the specialist Mihkel Mattisen it was between the selected ones. The following days up to the celebration of the show were very interesting and the worry and edginess was maximum. Birgit and Violina’s international projection could be immediate. Nevertheless, though she qualified in the first semi-final, in the final the song stayed in the seventh position (It is the second time!!). The truth is that as I already said in the page of the contest of this channel there are things that I cannot understand. This song for my was the best of the final and nevertheless it stays in a disappointing position.





“Hava Nagila” live in Tähed Muusikas 2/7/2009


Violina Live in Marbella -Spain- (from

“Sellel Ööl” by pep1000   


Violina feat Rolf Junior “Maagiline päev” Previous Eesti laul 2010


 “Maagiline päev” by pep1000

Violina Feat. Rolf Junior “Maagiline päev” Live in Eesti laul 2010 (03/12/2010)


 Violina web (more information, upcoming shows…)



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