Anneke Van Hooff

Anneke Van Hooff (1978) was one of the principal figures Dance in Belgium. Her step along the world of the music was not too long, only 3 years then to be an actress of cinema but she has left a recollection us in our minds perpetually.

I knew her with the Euroepean hit “Lie to me”. I believe that I had never seen a song as this one. A sad history, of loving deceptions, a ballad definitively… and with this powerful pace dance… a mixture, very risky of indescribable aspects but… that finally affected the listener with a destructive force. Sometimes it is necessary to risk in the music… and in this occasion the composer Regi Penxten it was.

Nevertheless the career of her begins much more behind. Anneke’s musical career began at the age of 9, learning how to play the violin, hobo and piano. When she turned 11 she appeared as a guest vocal on the CD of VTM’s Mini Playback Show and performed more than once alongside Frank Van Dingenen in several of his TV Shows.

Anneke released two singles under the name TLD: “Como te quiero” (2002) song with very much pace in English with title in Spanish, “Not Alone” (2002) written and composed by Ariane Jansoone and “Torn apart” (2003) writen by Gene Thomas amb composed by Regi Penxten (Milk inc).

We come to the moment “Lie to me” (2004) and later the hit “Give” (2005) both songs with Anneke Van Hooff and composed by Regi Penxten and in “Give” also written by Anneke. Since already we have said “Lie to me” it means a point of inflexion in the career of the singer. She enters directly to the golden book of the music situation with this great hit.

Since then Anneke chose the actress’s life to the singer’s life. It has taken part in numerous movies and series of television and some sporadic appearance as singer in TV shows. Between many movies and series of TV Anneke has appeared in: “Familie” (2002-2009), “Wittekerke” (2008), “Spoed” (2001-2007), “Steracteur sterartiest” (2009) etc.

Model, presenter of TV, announcements in TV, announcer of radio, musicals, actress of theatre… this great artist is prepared for everything… But we want to see her principally in the world of the music, her great interest, for our enjoyment. We know that recently she has collaborated with the singer Belga Udo… but we want more musical of her!.

You can have more information of this artist in the page on “Facebook” created by a few fans (in Dutch)ële-fanpagina/183466817693

Anneke if you want to return to the world of the music we are waiting for you with many restlessness!. Great luck for the future!

Look the interview in exclusive to Anneke Van Hooff for Pep1000 channel


 TLD “Como te quiero” (2002)

TLD “Not alone” (2002)

TLD “Torn apart” (2003)

“Lie to me” (2004)

“Give” (2005)


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