Lasgo unitedly with Sylver can be considered to be the bands most famous and emphasized from Flanders and from Belgium in general. Founded in the year 2000 the band have a great history up to the current importance different members have been in the band.

The golden epoch of the band was from his foundation with Evi Goffin (1981) as vocalist. With nice voice, great talent and enormous nonchalance in the scene, this great singer I mark a very high level and in 2006 when she leaves the band to be a full-time mother the band it would lose an essential piece.

Peter Luts, Evi Goffin and Dave McCullen were the first components of the band: the best moments undoubtedly. They take the name of the Scotch city Lasgo.  The beginning was fulminating: his single “Something” came to the number five in the charts in Belgium and to the number four in UK.

They him were still “Alone” and “Something” the song that took them to the world reputation. All these hits included in the album called “Some things” a real spectacle of music trance/dance and very estimated by the public. During the year 2002, Lasgo was nominated to several awards: International Dance Club Hit of year (with “Something”) and International New Dances Group of the Year in the “Danish Dance Awards” and the Best Trance Act of the “Dancestar World Music Awards” 2002 (that was gained by Ian Van Dahl’s song “Castles in the Sky”).

In February 2003, A&S Productions held a party in Club Carré in Willebroek, Belgium, to celebrate the success of Lasgo and Van Dahl, both in Belgium and abroad.

All the following singles “Surrender”, “All night long”, “Who’s that girl” and “Lying” would be included by the album “Far away” that was released in 2005, another real jewel that would be Evi’s last contribution to the band. For my “Surrender” it is the best song of the band. The video clip is made very visual and dynamic  where Evi turns out to be very made up and with nice dresses… you never get tired seeing this video!. Makeup and stylism perfect. A song really a megahit!.

Here the band is in the top in the maximum of the music. The decrease though not very marked it would begin in the following months: Dave and Evi leave the band and Jeffe and the new vocalist joins. Jelle Van Dael (1990) the new vocalist of the band in the last years selected by a casting organized by Juts and winner of the contest though she has undoubtedly an exceptional talent for my ride a too sexy air to the band that probably would not be necessary. I was not accustomed with Evi and I believe that it leads to the band for a way that I do not like too much.

“Out of my mind” was the first single of the new vocalist. In the successive videos of the band we can observe a few melodies not as harmonic as in the first two albums and Jelle as already charm probably abuses of sexy in the videos. Nevertheless the album “Smile” (2009) was very much successful in Belgium.

A new album is waited for 2012 and since advance the last two singles they have been “Tonight” and “Here with me”. Very sensual scenes in video clip “Tonight”… Jelle is the most handsome but… already they are not the melodies of the golden stage. It has to be tried in the new songs and videos not to do the easy resource of the eroticism not of simple melodies. Lasgo is great more than this!. We wait eagerly for the new album to do a definitive valuation.


“Some things” (2001)

“Far away” (2005)

“Smile” (2009)


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