Really I have been thinking up to the last moment to do it, if it was including to the band “Sylver” in this channel of spreading of electronic music. The principal motive is that “Sylver” is one of the best European bands and is known by all the fans of this musical style, with thousands of fans all over the world. Then… for what motive had I to include it in this humble channel of spreading?


I decided that the motive was evident: Though the band is very known, your musical style fits perfectly in this channel and in addition they are some of my favorite artists… If it is my blog and I like very much… them why not to put this band?

The professional career of the band is unstoppable: from the year 2000 making the people happy with his animated music and his brilliant style, with Silvy de Bie’s (1981) nice voice and with the keyboards masterfully touched by Wout Van Dessel (1974).  Regi Penxten is the producer and co-songwriter of all songs together to Wout. Wout and Silvy knew themselves in the discotheque where it was the Dj. Few ones would imagine what would happen later!.

His debut album “Chances” in 2001, is full of big successes. It is not possible to begin better a professional career!. The album reached the position 16 in the charts in Germany and 2 in Belgium. It includes his first single “Turn the tide”, the ballad “In your eyes”, the famous one and vibrant song “Forever in love”, one of the best Trance songs of all the times and “Forgiven” also other popular song. A very important detail in its European expansion since its inception has been making a video clip that accompanies each single and the introduction into the best Europe’s charts such as Germany.

Two years will happen up to coming to his second so called album “Little things”. Other hits are included as “Living my life” -others of the most popular songs of the band- and the romantic ballad “Shallow waters”. They always include some romantic ballad in every album and they us demonstrate that they can make us thrill also in this musical style.

Probably too rapid wine the third album, for my to understand the least important until now. The singles stand out “Love is an angel” and “Nightime calls” that gives name to the album. The band already has come to the highest thing and we perceive a light decrease in his reputation and his productions. In the fourth album called “Cross roads” ABBA’s cover “Lay all your love on me” is the most famous song of the disc. Really it is a guessed right version dance of ABBA’s song but we do not perceive big successes as in the first two albums.

His following album was in 2007 and it was a CD compilation of his big successes. They are many songs that the first two albumes include principally. It was called “2001-2007 The hit collection”.

Sylver’s sixth album called “Sacrifice” was released on 8 May 2009 in Belgium. The band returns to reach the position that is deserved. The album returns to include big songs as “I hate you now”,  “One world one dream” -It was also used as the theme for the Olympics 2008- or “Foreign affair” cover of Mike Oldfield’s song. The album peaked at number 3 in the Belgian album charts.

The guitarist John Miles Jr from the year 2009 accompanies to the band and also it appears in the front page of the CD. John contributes a new style to the band that has could alternate the style of always with new incorporations of rock. There seems to me very likely this new incorporation and this new style renewed of the band.

The last album of the band was another compilation album called “Decade. The very best of Sylver”. 10 years are great and better than that it to celebrate with a splendid CD that has come to number 1 in the charts of Belgium. He would have to become a compilation in DVD that there were all his numbers video clips and some live performance.


We wish a lot of luck to Sylver for the future. They have aptitudes for everything!


“Chances” (2001)

“Little things” (2003)

“Nighttime calls” (2004)

“Cross roads” (2006)

“2001-2007 The hit collection” (2007)

“Sacrifice” (2009)

“Decade – The very best of Sylver” (2010)


“In Your Eyes” Live at RTL Top Of The Pops 5 feb 2002


“Forever in love (Live at The Dome 19)

“Living my life” Live TOTP 04-05-2003

“Foreign affair”

"Lay All Your Love On Me" Live at The Dome 38


 “I hate you now” Live at Jim Fuzz Bobbejaanland 2010

“Turn the tide” version 2010

“Music” feat John Miles

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