Sash! is a German DJ and producer, fronted by Sascha Lappessen (1970) and your musical career begins from 1995 to the present day.

I knew Sash! casually when a friend of my wife gave to her the song “Mysterious times” three years ago. It seems that the song had come to my country, very rare theme relating to the good international music. How could I not know this artist who had any disc in Catalonia or Spain?. Wow!! what superhit! I remember perfectly… she was in the computer hearing this one mp3 and I was sat in the dining room watching at the television… I approached her and said to him “Which is the song to that you are listening?”.

It is an inexcusable mistake for my but once corrected unforeseen this one my mission will be to investigate his professional career and to follow his songs in a future.

Since then I followed your career and realized that all your songs were superhits. From both collaborations with Tina Cousins (“Mysterious times” and “Just around the hill”) up to all your other singles.

Your hard musical style euro trance is characterized by a powerful use of the synthesizer and in the style of other composers or DJ your songs are frequently sung by good feminine international voices and Sash limits himself in the videos and performances to the keyboards. In this aspect we have to return to emphasize the Britisher Tina Cousins, TJ Davis and Sabine Ohmes.

Winner of numerous international prizes your albums have reached high levels of popularity in many Europa’s countries.

Discography: 4 studio album and 3 compilation albums. We have to emphasize also the following singles: “With my own eyes”, “I believe”, “Mysterious times”, “Just around the hill” and “Stay”.

The level techno-dance of these songs it is very high. In all the mentioned songs there is a singer with nice voice and he takes charge of the keyboards. If in addition there are a few interesting video clips that accompany the song, the result is exceptional. “Mysterious times” and “I believe” are perfectly two number 1 of the music “dance” world.

Titel Binnenkomst H. Pos. weken
Encore une fois 15/03/1997 14 13
Ecuador (Sash! feat. Rodriguez) 17/05/1997 8 17
Stay (Sash! feat. La Trec) 04/10/1997 9 16
La primavera 28/03/1998 22 11
Mysterious Times (Sash! feat. Tina Cousins) 08/08/1998 17 13
Move Mania (Sash! feat. Shannon) 14/11/1998 40 9
Ma Baker (Boney M. vs. Sash!) 06/02/1999 34 9
Colour The World (Sash! with Dr. Alban) 13/03/1999 69 7
Adelante 04/12/1999 49 11
Just Around The Hill 08/04/2000 60 6
Raindrops (encore une fois) (Sash! feat. Stunt) 22/11/2008 49 10


Nowadays Sash continues with his concerts for the whole Europe with the same dynamism of always. Germany, Finland, Sweden, United Kingdom, Spain, Ireland… there is admirable the energy that this artist detaches. We wish here a lot of luck to Sash and expect to see his music during a lot of time!.


“It’s my life” (1997)

“Life goes on” (1998)

“Trilenium” (2000)

“S4! Sash!” (2003)

“The best of ” -UK- (2008)

“Life is a beach” (2010)


Sash! Feat Tina Cousins “Mysterious Times” video clip 

“Colour the world” video clip

“Sash! medley”

Sash! feat Sabine Ohmes “Encore Une Fois” Live in Club Rotation 1997

Sash! feat Tina Cousins “Just around the hill”


“With my own eyes” video clip

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