ESTONIAN MUSIC – My history… Why I like the Estonian music?

Everything began approximately 7 years ago (2004)… when thanks to the German channel of television for satellite MTV Deutsche pop I discovered to the musical band Vanilla Ninja. I remained strongly impressed!. I had never seen a band of girls like that!… and they were from Estonia!.
The problem is that from me I was living, in Catalonia, there could be bought neither discs nor videos of this extraordinary band. Thanks to Internet, I could find some virtual shop where the discs could be bought. Once already I had all the discs, I found out that there was the first disc that only sold in Estonia… 
Also thanks to Internet, I could buy the first disc edited only in Estonia … and here the events freed themselves. All the music of the first disc, it was sounding very differently from others that I had… If  I was looking at the music of the CD I saw that it was making them by Sven Lõhmus. All the songs were very good!  But… Who was this man?.
My following step would be to investigate your music. Also I discovered that Sven created to Vanilla Ninja… and they are my favorite band… then also he might have given his music to other great musical bands!!!.
Then I knew Nightlight duo… A girls’ duo that nice voices and an agreeable music techno dance. In a next future one of the members of the Duo (Tanja Mihhailova) would be the inspiration of a blog on this artist. 
Then I knew Trinity with stronger music and powerful music of synthesizer. Later I investigated in all the Eurolaul (previous phase of Estonia for the festival of Eurovision) that informed Sven up to the moment and I knew other artists as Suntribe, Julia Boman, Laura Põldvere … up to coming to the current moment in which departing from Sven’s music I have known to other bands pop of Estonia, first in juvenile bands and nowadays in many occasions in careers in solitarily: Nexus, Dynamint, Niki…
In May, 2007 I created in Youtube the first channel in english of spreading of Estonian pop elaborated from more than 3.000 km from Estonia. It had good reception between the public. It had subscripters from Canada or Brasil to Japan passing for Greece. Videos realized with musical hits of bands as Nightlight duo or Jz Belle came up to 50.000 views. Very good songs practically forgotten as “Miks ma ei suuda su maailma muuta” and “Vihmane päev” reaches 52.000 and 27.000 views respectively and the song “Kuulen su häält” of Niki more 100.000 views.
Many people people were asking me as the discs could buy of these artists. I was indicating them that certain shops of discs “on line” were not accepting credit cards of out of Estonia…  
In May, 2009 and seeing for Internet Tanja Mihhailova’s varied artistic life and that I more or less can follow distantly… I decide to create the first blog of this artist where I will be putting from time to time your activities.
On December 2, 2009 my project in “youtube” sinks. The Estonian Organisation for Copyright protection (EAKO) me denounces two times to youtube for material in my channel. Concretly Laura Põldvere’s performances and a pass of slides of Nightlight duo. This way it is the life… I promoted a musical band that already did not exist from it was doing years… and this itself finishes with my channel!. 
Thankfully, with the help of some way of communication, the press on line of Estonia took charge of this one unjust situation:
Now I return, more loudly than never… with own web. I know that this website will not have as many visits as other social networks … but I want people to visit the channel you like and meet these wonderful artists.

15 comments on “ESTONIAN MUSIC – My history… Why I like the Estonian music?

  1. I am in the US and have recently discovered the music of Estonia-I found your website and it is very good, I haven’t been able to find out any other as
    informative as yours! Thank you! I hope to find some place to buy CDs of Estonian pop, and am looking forward to Urban Symphony’s CD to be released.

  2. I’ve already said you are a real hero!!! You had to be strong to go throgh all that.
    “Thank you for the music” as ABBA sang.
    Eesti muusika is worth being known and loved.

  3. Wow!

    I came to Tallinn two weeks ago, and will stay here until May’11. Your site is for me great guide, with it exploring Estonian music is such a great adventure! Thanks 🙂

    PS. As I am here, I can help with your cd collection I think. There are some nice bargains in Lasering at the moment 😉 If you would like me to buy you some cds, just email me.

    • Hello! Thanks for the offer!!! In I found quite a few CDs that I wanted… but I’ll look lasering some CDs and you have not notice!. Where are you? What are your favorite artists from Estonia?

  4. I am in Tallinn, came to work as a volunteer with disabled people. It is difficult to say anything about my fav artists, because I am just starting to explore estonian music field. Ask me this question again in 2 months 😉

  5. Since I join fb I discover a lot of talented artist from ” Estonia ” and I’ve found the amazing one ! she’s ” Janne Saar ” for me, she not just bring good music.. but to inspired people like me as well. I really love her music.. I hope she will continue make more beautiful music & this is gonna be international ! Thanks ! this channel is amazing !!! 🙂

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