Emma Hewitt

Before starting speaking about the great artist Emma Hewitt I have to explain two doubts that the people can think: The First doubt, the area of spreading of bands of this modest channel is Europe. And she is Australian… The second motive of doubt is that she frequently is employed with the great Dutch label “Armada Music” one of the best of the world at this musical style and evidently the reputation of this artist rapidly will be known in the whole world. Therefore… why do I include Emma in this humble channel of music? Simply because she is one of my favorite artists and has to be!.

Emma Hewitt is an extraordinary singer and songwriter born in Australia who lives in Amsterdam (Netherlands). I knew this magnificent artist in the song “Waiting” sung together with the famous DJ Dash Berlin. The video with the robots that had imprisoned Emma seemed to me to be very interesting and the music was combining perfectly the style Trance with Emma’s powerful and solid voice. In addition aesthetically it is my favorite style: handsome Singer with powerful voice, magnificent pace, a consolidated DJ in the synth… and in addition a hot and mysterious video… all that struck deeply in my and I started following Emma’s professional career.

I have not could find in Internet the age of this young singer but we know that the year 2008 already she was forming a part of the Australian rock band “Missing hours” together her brother Anthony. An important musical change in her life… to go on from the rock to the trance with great naturalness… only the big artists can do these changes of musical style without problems!. Songs as “Falling down” was and is a great hit.

All the biographies that exist in Internet say that the reputation came to Emma when she did her collaboration in solitary the year 2007 with the famous DJ Crhis Lake with the song “Carry me away” but I believe that I was already well-known in her country and had demonstrated her professionalism with her former band. In addition in this time still she had not left the band “Missing hours”. The song “Carry me away” was very much successful, was in the charts of the best sales in radios of many countries and there attracted the admiration of the famous DJ Armin Van Buuren and Tiësto who proclaimed this song to be “The song of the Summer” in 2007. The single was a total of 50 weeks in the Billboard Hot Dance Airplay charts in the United States. A wonderful beginning in the Trance international world!.

In this period it is when Emma does numerous collaborations with famous Trance artists: We emphasize next singles: With Cosmic Gate “Not enough time” (2009), “Be your sound” and “Calm down” (2011). With Dash Berlin “Waiting” (2009) -when I met Emma!-, the nice electronic ballad “Disam yourself” (2011) and “Like Spinning Plates” (2012). With Serge Devant “Take me with you”, with Allure etc.

Emma already has realized concerts in Canada, Mexico, Slovenia Cyprus, Malta China, Germany… Emma’s project is already world… what will happen with her tour in solitarily?

Since Emma already started preparing for her first great project and the first album in solitarily called “Burn the sky down” from January, 2012 until June, 2012 2 singles were released. Two good ballads with these singles: “Colours” and “Miss you paradise” two attractive songs that thrill the listener, in addition accompanied well by nice video clips. The third single was released a few days after the album (May, 2012) and for my best of all singles “Still remember you (stay forever)” extraordinary and intense ballad, a perfect hit that alternates Emma’s warm voice with a deep and mysterious electronic melody. Undoubtedly it is one of the best songs of the year in this style and we wait for the video clip shortly. The album is being produced by Lee Groves and will have remixes realized by famous DJ to accompany the album. It is a well-deserved and just prize for an extraordinary career this first great album in solitarily.

Though the album is big and impressive also I have to say that once examined the whole album (july 2012) I see a marked nostalgic and sad air in many songs… and she moves away from that style “dance” that I loved in her collaborations. It will be in this style dark pop where she must be better.

In the middle of these first singles an important event had Emma: The tour along Asia was important this last spring together to internationally renowned DJ Ronski Speed was performed at the W Honk kong Hotel’s Living Room bar on April 3rd.

We wish a lot of luck Emma in her new projects. I believe that her career will be unstoppable. She has very much talent and in addition she works with the best producer of Europa… Your future already is the present!


As “Missing hours” Missing hours (2008)

As Emma Hewitt “Burn the sky down” (2012)



5 comments on “Emma Hewitt

    • I like Emma too! Great singer! Thank you for the comment but still I have not ended the post… I am going to complete it more!. You have been very rapid 🙂

      • Is the post complete now? I really like it even more now! =))

        On my blog I feature different artists from time to time, I’ve been thinking of making a Emma post for quite some time as well. Do check out my blog if you like! =) I post all my fav and the latest releases. If you want to check it out it’s at: http://www.thetranceweekly.wordpress.com

        Oh and btw, I really like your blog, I’ve started following you! Keep up the great work! Cheers x

      • Already the post is complete 🙂 Also I have looked at your blog. Very interesting you have begun strongly and illusion. I recommend you other artists Trance of my blog: Dj Project, Vanbot, Robyn or Schiller.

      • Thanks a lot for checking out my blog! I know and like Schiller but don’t know the other 2. I’ll definitely check them out. Thanks for the recommendations. =D

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