Curiously I knew “Lights” seeing the nice video clip of the electroballad “Saviour” in a musical channel of videos of my country. I say “curiously” because normally I have to investigate in Internet or in channels internments the music that me pleases preferably electronic music. Nevertheless I knew this song calmly sat in the armchair of my house. Do not be the motives of the producer but in this case I could enjoy great electronic music calmly without any effort.

Lights also it would leave a bit out of what is this channel of divulgative music. The band has nowadays (September, 2012) 1.026.000 “likes” on Facebook… Let’s remember that the original spirit of this channel was not to spread very known bands but I will think that someone still does not know “Lights”.

I enjoy hearing Lights therefore… it has to be here and to share it with you!

Lights, born Valerie Anne Poxleitner (1987) is a Canadian musician, singer, and songwriter. Her first singe was the electroballad “Drive my soul” (2008)” one praises very soft ballad that catches the attention of the listener from the first moment. This song and “Ice”, “Second go”, and “Saviour” were the principal songs of her first debut studio album “The Listening” released in 2009.

An album in general very striking, very deep and with good electronic music, nice ballads and interesting songs and that rapidly placed Lights in the first positions in the charts (7 Canadian Albums Charts, 4 US Top HeatseekersUS).

“Siberia” is the second album in study released in 2011. The principal singles were “Toes” intense and vibrant, admirable song from the electronic point of view, with a dynamic and very visual video clip that you never get tired of looking, and “Banner” that without coming to the greatness of “Toes” is a nice ballad. Very good positions in the charts (3 Canadian Album Charts, 47 US Billboard 200). It received a Juno Award nomination for Pop Album of the Year on February 7, 2012. The two albums were certified “gold” by the Canadian Recording Industry Associaion  (CRIA), denoting sales in excess of 40,000 copies.

From here only we can congratulate Lights on her nice electronic songs and that she us continue making enjoy her pace and good sensations in a lot of time.

Studio albums

“The listening” (2009)

“Siberia” (2011)


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