Sarah Howells

To be able to know Sarah Howells’s songs has been for the my one of the most important musical satisfactions in the last months. This British singer and songwriter pop folk of sweet and soft voice, forms a part of the band from West Wales “Paper airplanes”.

But her big songs in this band, are removed from the principal style Trance of this channel. If I include Sarah in this channel it is for her collaboration with the diverse composers Trance principally of the Dutch label “Armada”.

This only and wonderful voice is perfect for the songs Trance of Armada. The first song that I discovered was “Go it alone” together with Dash Berlin. A magnificent and animated song very well done made the contrast between the powerful music and Sarah’s sweet voice. Immediately afterwards the songs “Reverie” together with “First state”, “Out of the sky” together with “Lange” -her first collaboration in 2008- or “I believe in you” again together with Dash Berlin places to Sarah’s songs between the most quoted and important of the Trance in Europe. It indicates that Sarah’s musical qualities are very high and she can combine perfectly her band pop folk with musical Trance of the first level.

In addition for this year new songs with the best DJ and musicians of Europe: With Paul Van Dyck “Heart Stops Beating” and Schiller “Lay Down”. It is evident that Sarah has impressed strongly in the music Trance and the big artists of Europe already have concentrated on her.

Up to today (September, 2012) the versatile Sarah has done 18 collaborations Trance -and in the latter year 7 collaborations!- and with her band “Paper airplanes” 2 study albums (2010 and 2011).

Only it would be necessary to hope that a CD was done by her songs and videos in which she has collaborated with her own name as for example “Sarah Howells greatest trance hits”. I believe that this will happen shortly: this artist will come very far in the music and I wait for his new songs eagerly and many anxiety.


One comment on “Sarah Howells

  1. Great! My first music of her was Go it alone too! Thank you for getting together so much about her work!Best regards!

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