Romania has a panorama of electronic music very interesting, good bands and very personal styles with deep interest. Probably after the northern countries it is here where there are more bands with an electronic prominent interest… the synthesizer is used very habitually and also frequently we see a nice singer with a soft voice at the head of the band… perferct for my channel!. This one is the style for that I am looking!.

My favorite bands from Romania are Dj Project, Ellie White, Giulia Anghelescu and Anca Badiu. Please look at their respective pages “Dj Project”, “Ellie White” and “Anca Badiu” in this same channel.

I know that in Romania there is good Trance/dance music…. I hope soon to bring more artists to this section!.




2 comments on “ROMANIAN TRANCE

  1. As far as Romanian music goes, you should check out Activ, anything with Alexandra Ungureanu, Anca Badiu, Celia, DJ Layla and Edward Maya. But DJ Project is definitely getting the most play on my iPod right now.

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