Anca Badiu

I knew to Anca Badiu across a good friend of Pep1000. This friend recommended to me a few Rumanian bands that I did not know. Immediately I saw that Anca was fitting perfectly into my artist pop’s profile with touches of music Trance.

Examined her biography and her songs, is observed that Anca has a long professional career that began in the band “Class” of great success in Romania (2002) and later from 2006 her career in solitary. Class was formed by two boys and two girls with nice voices and soft melodies pop. The band already had a consolidated path in the musical Rumanian panorama from 1994 but she joins for casting in January, 2002 substituting for Mihaela Florea.

The songs of “Class” already were created by the talented mind of her, and we have to mention the hits: “Intr-o zi”, “Luna mi-a zambit” or “Pentru dragoste”. A good campaign of marketing with included videos clips they placed to these songs in the highest points of the charts of the Romanian radios.

Precisely with this band it is till now the major awards that she has obtained: Finalist Best Romanian Song: Mtv European Music Awards, 2002, Barcelona, Best Group of the Year: Romanian Music Awards, 2003, Best Pop of the Year: Romanian Mtv Music Awards, 2004 the awarded song was “Pentru Dragoste”, composed by Anca Badiu, lyrics: Cristina Haios (Impact), music: Vlad Cernea (Class).

But we have to wait to her career in solitarily to come to the top of her talent. On having worked in solitarily, logically she has more freedom for her creations. A great hit for her first single of 2007: “Nopti de dor”, I am used soft trance with a very good melody that immediately catches the listener. It is not possible to begin better a soloist’s career. “Nopti de dor”, Anca’s first video in her solo career, climbed up the charts in no time. It was a new highest new entry in Romanian Top 100 and the single was in Top 3 in the charts all over the country for 6 consecutive weeks.


The album will be called “Anka” written with K and will include her successive singles. The whole recital of great power for the Rumanian pop. The majority of songs are in Rumanian but also it is in English. Ideal to attract a numerous public. Really… I believe that it is not possible to begin better a hard professional career in solitarily.

“Cineva”, “My Baby (tell me why)” and “Fade away” would be the following singles of the album. All always accompanied by nice and fresh video clips.

Very dynamic songs alternate more Trance as “Fade away” where Anca appears in the very sexy video and does the policeman’s paper up to romantic ballads as “Cineva”. Very changed album always personalized by the feminine touch of the charming voice of Anca.

June, 2011. Anca Badiu’s new single. In this occasion it calls “addicted” and really it can cause addiction. An interesting synthesizer and an accordion give a magic touch to the song… you cannot get lost it!. is a deserved reward after a few months of waiting.

We check the amazing artists with talent there in Romania. I hope to find more artists like Anca… although I think it will be very difficult.

We wait for big new successes for Anca. It is sure that she already is preparing new songs to surprise us!



Class “Într-O Zi” (2002)

Class “Pentru Dragoste” (2004)

Class “Evo” (2005)

Anca Badiu “Anka” (2007)


2 comments on “Anca Badiu

    • From the first moment that a friend of this channel recommended to Anca I saw that she was the type of artist that I search: nice voice, good electronic music, interesting video clips … this one is my favorite music!

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