Dj Project

I am going to try to explain to you since I knew to this Rumanian band, for my without doubting it, the best band of electronic music of Romania and one of the best of Europe.

I knew casually this band for Giulia Anghelescu, artist who already knew for “youtube” and who was going following for time her musical career. Thanks to her latest hit “Nu” I saw that she acted in this moment with a band of trance called “Dj project.” Who they were these boys who were accompanying her?… or it was she who was accompanying the boys?. Then I started investigating… If you live in Romania all these questions they have an evident response but if you live very far and hear nothing of this band neither for the TV nor for the radio… you have to start moving… to finding logic and understanding a new band for you!.

I was strongly affected by the song and researched on the Internet who was this band called “Dj Project”… I was highly impressed!!! Is the perfect band!

The electronic trance band named Dj Project has a long career in your country. His musical career is so impressive that to try to summarize all his professional work in this modest article is an impossible task… but I am going to try to do it!.

Since 2001 when the band published his first album “Experience” to present the band has sold many albums, has numerous awards and is a benchmark in its genre.

Formed by two renowned experts in the synthesizer, Handke Giuseppe (alias Gino Manzotti) and Ovidiu Florea (Dj Maxx) they have had the good fortune to have as a singer from 2004 until 2009 to Elena Baltagan (1984). I think there best voice and talent of Elena on stage to enjoy the great music of the band. Just look at the many music videos for the band to understand that here is much more than good music synthesizer: Elena tells a story in every video, the song expresses as a theater artist. Perhaps the best video to understand what I’m saying is “Esti tot ce am.” (2006). Can anyone play better this video?

Within days I know the band, great songs like “Soapte” (2005), “Doua anotimpuri” (2007) or “Lacrimi de inger” (2007) have a strong impact on my life… and these songs are unforgettable for me!. Also unlike other great artists here on each new single music video is…. and I am a great fan of music videos!… I have never seen a musical introduction as in the song “Soapte”. In these initial moments a wonderful atmosphere is prepared… to appear later the electronic battery and Elena’s sweet voice… an idyllic space is created where there is created a trance song mega hit  that if it had been created by another artist of another country would be a world hit.

I believe that in his long career (7 albums) the band comes to musical maturity with the album “Soapte” and the single that already I have mentioned before. Made with great professionalism, this song represents a turning point in the band and not leave until today.

Unfortunately Elena left the band in 2009 to continue her solo career (see please the page Ellie White), while Giulia Anghelescu has joined as the singer of the band. So far the new hits “Nu” and “Regrete” maintain the level of Dj Project but maybe you’ve lost the great voice and Elena expressivism that contributed to the videos and performances by the band its unique essence.

April 2011: “Aeronomer” a good partner to my channel from USA tells me the new single from the band. It is called “Mi-e dor de noi” and will be available soon. As always a super song with a melody very interesting, where Giulia does a great job. Congratulations!.

December 28, 2011: news! Giulia is embarrassed!… and the band already has new singer for one year. She is the actress  Adela Popescu. It looks at the news in this Rumanian newspaper 

Let’s hope that with this new singer the level of the band is kept… We will be reporting!

March, 2012: Already the first actions of the band have appeared with Adela and I am very satisfied because she is the great professional one, with nice voice and that certainly has returned to the band in the top of the best Romanian bands. Congratulations to all those who have influenced in this casting. I am happy because I see that the band has much tells the history for a lot of time. Adela has learned rapidly all the songs of them… she will have had a lot of work to do but now once seen her work seems that the whole life has acted here. With the new single “Bun ramas” I do not have words… it will be the great mega hit!



“Experience” (2001)

“Spune-mi tot ce vrei” (2002)

“Lumea ta” (2004)

“Soapte” (2005)

“Povestea mea” (2006)

“Doua anotimpuri” (2007)

“In the club” (2009)



“Soapte” video clip copyright: Cat music

“Lumea ta” Live in Callatis 2007

“Soapte” Live in Callatis 2007 

“Esti tot ce am” video clip copyright: Cat music

“Esti tot ce am” live

“Inca o noapte” Live in Callatis 2007

“Doua anotimpuri” (LIVE Romanian Top Hits 2007 Bacau)

“Doua Anotimpuri” video clip copyright: Cat music

“Doua anotimpuri” Live in Tirgu – Mures, Zilele Tirgumuresene 2007

“Hotel” live in Happy Hour 

“Lacrimi de inger” video clip copyright: Cat music

“Nu” video clip copyright: Cat Music

“Regrete” Live in RMA 2010

15 comments on “Dj Project

  1. So glad to see you added some Romanian music. I love Estonian music but lately I am all about Romanian music. Especially DJ Project, Crush feat. Alexandra and Activ.

    • I would not be able say which is my favorite… every song me contributes something different. Probably “Soapte” is my favorite song. I let’s not be as they always have inspiration to do so good songs… it seems as if the ideas were never ended!

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