Ellie White

(To view the career prior to 2009 of Elena Baltagan, Please see page Dj project).

Elena Baltagan after leaving the band of Romanian Trance Dj Project began her solo career with the name “Ellie White”. I feel sad to know that Elena had left the band Dj Project, because for me it was the perfect electronic band, but seeing the first solo song of Elena, I see that the level of the songs is very high and the expectations she had created are fulfilled to perfection.

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Elena had to release her first single in late 2009 and had to be called “Sweetest kind”. The song is the story of a girl who not only finds love in a dream, and I want to convey through this piece is that each one of us would like at least part of what will happen and the dreams reality. The song finally became a teaser.

In August 2010, Ellie has released her first single called “One Love.” In the song, Ellie with a gentle melody moves away from the famous Trance music of DJ Project. Its success is assured and Elena will gradually reaching the tops in the radio and in your country hits.  

After two singles marvellous “One love” and “Nu te mai vreau” and english version “Love again”, now we wait with interest for the appearance of the album. The song “Love again” presents a distribution slightly different from the typical songs. In the half of the song approximately, there appears the refrain that already will not stop repeating until the end of the song. I manage to thrill almost when I hear Elena’s soft voice in the interesting one and definite well refrain of this song ” How, how can I love again?… “. It is admirable to see as the trance music also it can thrill the listener… but it is very difficult to do it… only the big artists can do it as Ellie.

In May, 2011 the last one of the singles has appeared till now with the name “Power of love” and it is the most lively song up to the moment. Very much pace and a fantastic refrain. We see that in the future in her first album she will be alternating more rhythmic songs together with more romantic others, but always with a soft style Trance. Already I have desire of seeing this album!.

She has done numerous concerts in many cities of Romania, besides Italy, a rapid tour for Spain, fan’s clubs are formed in many parts of the world… Elena’s international projection already is initiated. Only she will have to seat her professional career in the future. We believe that she will do it without problems because she is qualified for everything.


Tribute to Ellie White in Dj Project (2004-2009) 

“One love”

“Sweetest kind” 

Interviu in Stiumuzica.ro


“Nu te mai caut” (official video) December 2010 copyright: Roton Music

“Love again” (official video) copyright: Roton Music

“Power of love” Live in la Neatza Cu Razvan si Dani


“Love again”

You, you lay the chance into my hands
Forgive me if i misunderstood you
I, I play the cards and lost the game
And all I can do now is pray for you.

I can’t forget when you held my head
We use to hold our souls together
But now I’m standing here all alone
And I can get myself to scream again
This feelings that are holding me down
Are burning in the depths of my soul
Your world is high above in the sky
And when I ever get to feel again

How, how can I love again?
How can I dream again?
How can I hold you?
How, how can I love again?
How can I dream again?
How can I touch you?


How, how can I love again?
How can I dream again?
How can I hold you?
How, how can I love again?
How can I dream again?
How can I touch you?

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